A Life Of Loving God

“And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.” (Mark 12:30).
As a Christian I have come to realize that I am called to live a life of loving God. All I do should be an expression of love towards God. It is only fair that we love the one who had love us with an immeasurable love even while we were unlovely. He has drawn us into this unending romance and now we would spend all our days in the inner chamber with Him, just loving Him. This is the normal life of a Christian and I would embrace this life, I would enter deep into the reality of it.
Oh Lord, let me experience a life of loving you. I want to love you with all of my being. Let everyday of my life be a romantic story between us and let everything I do be an expression of my love for you. Yes Lord, I would love you in all that I do; I would love you in my going out and my coming in, I would love you in my dealings with others, I would love you with every word that come out of my mouth, I would love you with my every thought even with my emotions and I would spend all my days being occupied with loving you.
Oh, let my studies not just be a thing of interest to me but let it be a romance between us. Let my job be a romance between us, let my religious life rather be a romance, let my business not be all about making money but let it also be a romance, and let all my dealings with people be a romance between us. My Lord, I am desperately looking for ways to love you, how else can I express this passion that burn within me. Your love have made me recklessly devoted to you. Whenever I find a way that would please you, a way I can use to love you I embrace it with all of my being. If having ‘this’ is loving you then I must have it and if doing ‘that’ is loving you then I must learn to do it. I must love you Lord, I just have to, for that is all my heart is crying for.
I have discovered that Christ is the Son of your love, the Son that pleases you. Let him take me and live through me so that everything I do would be expressing the Son of your love, the one that pleases you. That way my life shall please you, I would show love to you through Christ. Paul said we offer sacrifices of sweet smelling fragrance through Christ (Heb 13:15). Yes, my life shall be an offering of sweet smelling fragrance to you through Christ. It shall ever please you and I would be lost in this occupation of loving you.

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