About Blog

This blog was created out of a passion — a passion to see Christ exalted about all things. To have God people give God’s Christ (God’s anointed one) his position. That we might secure his right as Lord over all. That we might grow an obsession for Christ and our focus be placed on Christ rather than our many Christian topics, doctrines and activities. And Christ be center and supreme in all things.

This blog is created to spark a hunger for the Lord. A hunger so deep that would cause us to be wild. To burn with a consuming passion, to become restless until we attain the fullness of God. That we might break free from every chain that has held us back and enter into the glory that God has prepared for us before time began.

Each post on this blog is meant to bring us close to a Christ-centered Christianity. That we might see this beautiful Christ and realize that he is all that matters. Our differences doesn’t matter and all those things that have been an occasion for division doesn’t matter. That everything may fade away as we get lost in the gaze of this amazing Christ. That we might be drawn together and stand on this one ground — our Lord Jesus.

This blog hope to reveal the constituent of Christ which is required to practice a Christianity that is according to God’s eternal thought. A Christianity that is an expression of the fullness of Christ. That Christ might walk the earth as he did in those days but this time in a larger body. That the world might see Jesus alive and walking among men.

And finally, through this blog I hope to meet other Christians — those who would join hands with me in the fight to see Christ center and supreme in the Church.

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