Awakened To The Reality In Christ

Awakened To The Reality In Christ

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In this post, we would examine what it means to be awakened to the reality in Christ and what it looks or feels like.  

Most often, when we talk about the things in Christ such as righteousness, faith, power, visions, the prophetic, love, and whatever, they are like ideas in our head. To many of us, they are just thoughts and abstract concepts. But when you are awakened to the reality of these things, they will become more than thoughts. They will become substances. For example, each time I think about the prophetic, it is not a thought in my head, but a substance inside of me. And when I touch this substance, I would feel like a hand is gripping the back of my mouth, and when I open my mouth, a prophetic word will come out.

When I think of vision, it is also beyond thought. I could feel it like a substance inside of me, and when I touch it and hold on to it, my head will start spinning like I am about to enter into a trance. When I think of power, it is like this heavy substance inside of me that just expands in my chest and begins to vibrate under my skin…and so on. Every one of these things is beyond thought or abstract concept to me. They are substances because I am alive (awakened) to them.

“But Jesus said, “Someone deliberately touched me, for I felt healing power go out from me.”” (Luke 8:46).

When the woman with an issue of blood touched Jesus, He felt power leave His body. This is because power is not just an idea to Jesus, it is a living substance that He could feel. Jesus knew that what came out of Him was specifically healing power because the way healing power feels is different from how other things feel. Please, we do not live by feelings, we live by faith. However, when you have become really awakened to something, it becomes so real to you that you can feel it.

It starts with simple faith. You just believe that these things are there inside of you whether you feel it or not. You believe they are there not because you feel it but because the Word says so. Yes, they are there because you are in Christ and Christ is in you. So you believe that they are real, they are tangible substances in you. As you continue to grow in this faith and you constantly make attempts to interact with this reality, it will feel like you could almost touch it or handle it. Remember how you learned how to write as a child. At first, you could not hold the pencil with your tiny fingers and write. It keeps slipping and you could not wield it and write clearly. That is how it would first feel.

By faith, you could see this thing inside of you but you cannot handle it, for it keeps slipping from your grip. But as you persist in using it, your grip gets tighter and you could grab it whenever you want to. You could wield it and manifest it. We must move from that place where the things in the Bible are just ideas in our heads.

You must become awakened to them and know them as living substances. Then you must learn to wield them and manifest them. As a king, you must learn to enforce them, diffusing them into your life and your environment. This is what you are called to do as a Christian. You are not called to do religion, going to church every now and then to sing, dance, and listen to sermons alone. You are supposed to be pressing into the reality in Christ and becoming awakened to them one by one.

When you are awakened to righteousness, you will feel it like a hand that grips your heart and compels you to do the right thing. Like a horse rider riding a horse, when you try to turn the wrong way, righteousness will pull you to the path of righteousness. You realize you can’t deviate. Deviating is like piercing a pin into your heart; it is quite difficult and painful in your spirit. Yes, you must become very awakened to every one of the realities in Christ. This is what you are supposed to focus on; this is what you are supposed to be working on.

There are exercises that you can do — exercises that will aid this process. Find out about them, do them, work on these things, and grow in awakening to the reality of Christ and the kingdom. Then learn to wield and enforce this reality, for this is how Christianity is practiced.

In the course “Oneness With God” and other courses on my community website, I give exercises and guides to help any Christian get awakened to the reality in Christ. Go to the website and create an account. The courses are free.



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