Blesseth Are The Pure In Heart

“Blessed  are the pure in heart,  For they shall see God.” (Matt 5:8).  
What is the meaning of pure? The dictionary says it is being free of foreign material. Something is pure when it is single and utterly of itself. To make gold pure you have to remove everything that is not gold in it; every foreign element. The gold must be nothing else but gold, free from alien materials. Our opening verse says blesseth are the pure in heart but the question is, pure of what? As Christians the Scripture says we should love God with all our heart. Our heart must be purely God, it must contain no foreign material, no alien thought or desire. Hence our opening verse can be paraphrase this way; those whose heart are utterly onto God would see God.
We are called to fellowship with God, to see Him, to touch Him and experience Him. And the only way to see Him is to have a heart that is utterly onto Him, a heart that is focused on Him. He must become our greatest desire, our highest passion, our greatest obsession and our ultimate pursuit. Our heart must contain nothing else but Him.
“And you  will seek Me and find Me, when you  search for Me with all your heart.” (Jer 29:13).
We must seek Him with all of our heart if we are to find Him. We must remove everything that is not of God in our heart. When our heart is utterly God then we would see God everywhere. He would no longer be hidden, He would no longer be a mystery to us. But we would know Him and enter into a deeper experience of Him.
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