Christ Is God’s Solution To Every Problems

When a problem arise people could come up with various solutions for solving that problem. Some of these solutions may partially solve the problem, some may solve the problem but may not lead to the desired result and yet another may solve the problem only to create another problem. 
The issue is not just finding a solution but finding the perfect solution. Only the wisest could find a perfect solution and the wisest of all is God (Isa 55:9). Definitely God’s solution will be the perfect solution. So the question is what is God’s solution?
It seems like God only has one solution for every problem and that solution is non other than Christ. When a person is sick what does he need? He needs to know Christ the healer. When a person is confused what he needs is to know Christ the wisdom of God. A person who is poor needs to know Christ the provision and the riches of God. Those with a broken heart needs to know Christ the love of God towards man. Those with fear need to know Christ the overcomer, and it goes on and on. 
Yes the unveiling of Christ seems to be the solution to every problem of  man. But when I say unveiling or knowing Christ I do not mean mere knowledge gotten through information. I mean an experience of the power of God through Christ. For each time Christ is unveiled God’s power breaks fort into physical manifestation.
When we have a problem would we go around searching for a solution or go to God and ask for the unveiling of Christ? Again, how does one deals with pride? Does he try very hard by his power to be humble? Maybe try to play out certain outward attribute of a humble person? No, No and No. The way to deal with pride is by getting lost in the sight of Christ i.e fixing your eyes on Christ until you are lost, you no longer see yourself but Christ . You are no longer interested in yourself but Christ, you do not seek for self-promotion but Christ promotion, and you are no longer self-centered but Christ centered. All you want is to decrease so that Christ might increase to you, in you and through you. This is the way God deals with pride and this is wisdom far greater than any other. God’s approach to any problem is always Christ.
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