Christ Is Our Sufficiency

Men with their pervert way of thinking, always looking for some kind of security because they are filled with a sense of insecurity. He wants to have a huge figure in his bank account, he wants to have a secure job with a stable flow of income and until he has that he does not feel his future is secured.

That mentality has been inculcated into our head and immediately you are becoming a man you are already making steps to put all these things together in order to secure your future.

Christ is our secured future, why do we think that until we have these things we cannot boast of a secured future? Look at the animals, they do not have a bank account or a secured job yet they eat everyday and live their lives.

We must develop the mentality of sonship. No, we are not scrabbling for the little resources on earth. We are sons of the Creator, the one in whom all things originated from. We have His nature, He has given us Christ the power through which He created all things.

No, the resources are not limited to us, for the source of all things lives in us. Again, we are not scrabbling for the little resources on earth, there is no need trying to store up wealth, for the origin of all things is in us.

The mother cow doesn’t try to store up milk, she produces milk, it comes from inside of her. All she has to do is ensure that she eats well and milk will come out when she needs to feed her little ones. Yes, all you have to do is ensure to grow in Christ for all things originated in him.

You don’t need to scrabble and store as much wealth as you can, Christ in you can produce anything and everything that you want. The same place where salvation comes from provision also comes from there. There is sufficiency, there is exceedingly abundantly above everything you could ever need.

You have it all in you, so rather than trying to scrabble for resources like the people of the world, why don’t you focus inward. Focus on the Christ that lives in you, the one from which all things originated from. Yes, Christ is our focus, he is all that we are after because when we grow in him we would grow in all things, for this Christ is not just the origin but also the sum of all things.

Christ in you is enough, Christ in you is all the sufficiency you need. He is all you need to survive, all you need to live a holy and righteous life, all you need to never know lack, all you need to make the right decision, all you need to live a happy married life, and so on. We should stop looking for things outside Christ.

I see Christians seeking for how to prosper, how to live a happy marriage life, how to fulfill their dreams and maximize their potentials. Christ is our potentials, he is our dream, our all in all, and in him is all that we need to be glorious, bright, happy and fulfilled. Yes, Christ in you the hope of glory, just rest in him, come to the realization that he is all the sufficiency that you need.

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