Christ Is The Christian Life

Sometimes it is important to ask questions like “what is Christianity about? and how can one live the Christian life. The Christian life is not to accept a creed or statement of doctrine, to observe certain rites and ordinances, attend certain services and functions, and conform more or less diligently to a prescribed manner of life. To become a Christian is not to join an institution called ‘The Church’.
To be a Christian is to discover that Jesus is alive, upon such discovery is the Christian life built. After the discovery many become confused of what next to do. They later fall into the trap of being religious and struggling to please God by living a holy life. We have wrongly believe that we could live the Christian life but the truth is that only Christ could live the Christian life.
The fact is that only Christ can really satisfy God; only Christ can be truly holy; only Christ can do God’s will and God’s work. Only Christ can overcome the spiritual forces of evil. Only Christ can overcome sin. Yes, only Christ can really live the Christian life. Hence, the one great inclusive and crowning reality of a Christian is – Christ Himself WITHIN!
A Christian move from the discovery of Christ being alive to the adventure of letting this Christ live through him. Since we can’t live the Christian life, all we could do is to allow Christ live the Christian life through us. The cry of every Christian should be “That Christ might increase and I decrease” We summit to the life of Christ in us as we discover that Christ is Lord over all. We acknowledge that we are dead, for as Christ died on the cross we died with him.
So that each time we look at the cross we see ourselves nailed dead. We are dead on the cross, incapable of doing anything or desiring and wanting anything. Now all that is left is Christ in us desiring to live on earth through us. It is great joy to see Christ walking on earth again, the world has waited so long to see Christ living among us again. And a Christian is called to allow Christ be the solution to the world through him/her. Therefore the normal Christian life is Christ living through us. 
The Christian life is not a change life but an exchange life, for we exchange our life with Christ’s life. We have made the mistake of believing that God wants to make us better but the truth is that God wants to get reed of us. God doesn’t want to improve or develop us, He only wants to reduce us to nothing so that Christ might increase to his fullness in us. Dying might not sound like such a good news but the best thing for us is Christ.
We are no good for ourselves, it is love that made God desiring to end us and give us the best gift ever, which is Christ himself. This is why the Bible says “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col 1:27). This is the life we have been called into and it is a glorious life, for Christ through us is walking on earth again, desiring to do what he loves doing. How duty as Christians is non other but to allow Christ freely live through us.

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