Christ Is Umpire Of The Of The Christian Doctrine

“But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you know all things.” (1John 2:20).
The Christian doctrine has a tendency to being corrupt, to be misapprehended by people, even by devoted believers. The problem is how can we keep this in check, how can we keep the Christian doctrine from turning into a caricature? After the death of the apostles there were even more heresy, the devil attached the Church with many contradicting doctrines. The people of God had to find a way to protect the true doctrine of Christianity so that it doesn’t get lot by the mighty river of contradictory doctrines set to flush it. Therefore they decided to compile a Canon of the of the books or epistles containing the acceptable the acceptable teachings, these books must be something written by any of the apostles or any of the reliable Christian fathers. This compilation formed the book called the Bible.
The Bible was meant to be the umpire of the Christian doctrine along side with other creeds agreed upon in the meetings held by the Christian leaders. But look at us today with our many contradicting doctrines, the Bible had not been able to protect us from false and poisonous doctrines. In fact these false teachers use the Bible to prove there false doctrines, hence leading many astray. Many have not been able to understand the Bible because those that wrote it were highly spiritual and they speak spiritual languages which many of us cannot understand. As a result many false teachings and doctrines were produce out of the Bible by carnal men. The very book that was to protect us from false doctrines became an instrument for false doctrines, the Bible has failed us. What then do we do?
“But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you know all things.” (1John 2:20).
This statement was made by John in a time when heresy was advancing against the Church. John was saying there is something in you that enables you to be able to tell the difference between lie and the truth. John was trying to teach them to live by the Life and follow the laws written in their heart by God (Jer 31:33-34) and that is true Christianity. The moment we start seeking for something external to trust and to protect us then we are falling away from true Christianity, we are falling into error and that is the mistake our fathers made. How then do we protect yourself from false doctrine?
Let not forget that we have a Lord, he built the Church with a costly price and he alone his responsible for the Church. It seems like we’ve taken Christianity away from the hands of owner of Christianity and we are trying to manage it ourselves. Let our Lord be the umpire of the Christian doctrine, let him rule Christianity himself. The main reason why many misunderstand the word of God even while others try to correct them is because they don’t know how to submit to the Lord – to that life in you that knows all things. Yes, our Lord dwells in us and he is the Life in us that knows all things. We are always in the mental realm and as a result we can’t hear that voice in our spirit telling us that our interpretation of the Bible is not correct. Even when we hear it we are rebellious, we refuse to listen and submit to the Christ in us. We were never really taught how to submit to the Christ in us and as a result he couldn’t Umpire our spiritual knowledge.
There is only one Lord (Christ) and he rules with the scepter of harmony, if we all learn to submit to him then we would all “come to the unity… of the knowledge of the Son of God” (Eph 4:13). Yes, this is what God wants for us but the Bible cannot bring that, only the Lord of harmony can. We Christians talk a lot about the Holy Spirit interpretion of the Bible. But the truth is that the Holy Spirit cannot interpret the Bible for us until we learn to submit completely to the Lord. Let us submit ourselves before the Lord and he would umpire our spiritual knowledge and doctrine. Only then can we be in unity of doctrine and spiritual knowledge.

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