Christian And Financial Prosperity

For centuries there have been argument about Christianity and money. The monks have embraced poverty believing that riches corrupt. Today the holiness preachers speak against the prosperity preachers claiming that prosperity has nothing to do with the gospel. The question is, “is the desire to get rich ungodly?” A Christian desire to be rich is not necessarily evil. 
“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” (John 7:38).
We are called to receive life from Jesus and pour out this life into the world. To those who are sick, we would stretch our hands and give them life. So also, to those who are afflicted with all that darkness and death associated with poverty, we are also to give life. All that is associated with poverty; the depression, the frustration, hunger, confusion, pain and suffering, isn’t that death. This is what we are called to heal. You can’t be a Christian and watch your neighbor suffer from lack and not want to help. You would give the little you have and you would wish to have more so you could give. There… that’s where the Christian desire to be wealthy comes from.
It is the desire to give life where your neighbor is experiencing death. It is the divine instincts in you as a Christian that spring forth into that desire. It drives you to cry, “Lord bless me so that I can lavish my neighbor with your love, for I can’t bear to see them suffer”. Our desire for riches doesn’t come from our own selfish need. A true Christian is dead; he doesn’t want nothing, he doesn’t desire anything, he is satisfied with Christ. Christ is his all in all and as such he has everything he needs. But if only he has some power over certain resources then he could bless those in need, even strangers as the Lord leads. He could bring smile to people face and give life to those who have been overwhelmed by the darkness of death.
To desire wealth for greedy purpose and self-satisfaction is unchrist — it is not Christian at all. To pursue holiness simply because you want to escape hell is not Christ, in fact it is unholy. Many holiness preachers preach a lot about hell and how badly you need holiness to escape it. This is just as selfish as one who seek financial prosperity for his own benefit. I’m not here to criticize preachers and here simply to point to Christ. And it is not Christ to be greedy and selfish; thinking only about yourself.
It is our nature to desire to pour out life and we get life through fellowship with the Father. We fellowship with God to make wealth so that we can pour out this wealth to those who are affilicted by lack. We receive life to pour it out in rivers of living water — this is Christianity.
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