Entering Into The Inner Chamber

The inner chamber is the greatest place to be but yet the hardest. Nobody loves to be seen expose and naked. It takes love and complete trust to get into the inner chamber with somebody. Entering in the inner chamber is all about pressing deeper in a relationship, it takes a lot of motivation and passion. To win the heart of somebody or rather to get into the inner chamber of someone’s heart would require persistence and persuasion.
Most people have trust issues, people don’t just trust anybody that easily. This is mostly because they had suffer from a lot of disappointment and betrayal in the past. As such, people have so much defenses built around their heart to prevent other from coming in and breaking their heart. Hence, in a relationship it takes a long time of building trust and breaking through all those defenses before you can actually get into the inner chamber of one’s heart. Sometimes it is like war to get to a place where the other could open up their heart to you – leaving themselves exposure and naked before you. There is the believe that exposure is vulnerability and no one wants to leave themselves vulnerable in this wicked world.

Hence, entering into the inner chamber can be very difficult, it takes passion and persistence to get there. This is also the same with God because man is created in God’s image and likeness. It takes passion and persistence to get to the inner chamber with God. You can’t just sit down saying, “I want intimacy with God” and yet do nothing about it. You can’t expect God to just expose Himself to you and give you access to His riches without rigorous pursuit. You must pursue Him rigorously, you must be wild and passionate if you are to get into the inner chamber with God. You much put enough effort and spend enough time with God. You must go out of your way and do whatever it takes. Remember the inner chamber is the sweetest place to be.

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