Fellowship With The Truth (Christ)

Christ is the Truth, yes the Truth is a person. And throughout this post we would be referring to the Truth as a person. Fellowship involves spending time together and doing things together with another person.

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3).

The Truth is doing something, he is occupied with something. And to come into fellowship with him we must agree with what he is doing, and then join him in doing it. If you see someone you like, and you want to be close to that person, you will try to find out what the person likes or what the person is doing. If the person loves to watch football, you will find out where he watches football. And you will go there one day, join him in watch football, scream over the players together, as if you can play better than them 😎

Criticize the coach together and just have a good time watching football. And after the match, you guys continue to discuss football together—from there you become friends. To fellowship with a person you must meet the person in what he is doing or what he likes. Even if it is an meet-up, if you want real conversation with this person and develop rapport with her. You must look for what she is interested in, something she would enjoy talking about. And then you pick up a topic from their.

Yes, to develop relationship with someone you would look for things you share in common with this person. Then you begin to capitalize on that, and through that you develop a strong bond with this person. To come into fellowship with the Truth, you must find out what the Truth likes. What does he want? What does he loves doing? What is his occupation—yes, what is he occupied doing? Once you have gotten the answer to these questions, then you can begin to align yourself with his interests so you’ll share the same interests, the same goal and the same occupation.

A little background story of the Truth would help you understand what he wants and what he is occupied with. You see, all things were created in truth; they were all made to be conformed to the Truth. But then a perversion came and creation began to break out of this conformity with the Truth. Things began to take up another form, becoming more and more alien from the Truth. Yes, they all went their way and deviated from the Truth. Now the Truth is on a mission to reconcile all things back to himself.

“And God purposed that through him [Christ] to reconcile to Himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross.” (Col 1:20).

What the Truth is doing now is reconciling everything back to himself. If you want to meet with the Truth you will find him occupied doing this one thing. He has no time for any other thing, and you won’t find him any other place but right here reconciling everything back to himself. No, you won’t find him in the ground of mocking the ignorance; you won’t find him in the ground of showing off himself so that people can admire how knowledgeable he is; you won’t find him in the ground of showing how much Bible verses he can quote; and you won’t find him in the ground of the many insignificant things that we humans love to do with knowledge.

“Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?” (Amos 3:3).

You will only find Truth on one ground—reconciling all things to himself. And in order to enter into fellowship with the Truth you must meet him on this ground. If you do not agree to meet him on this ground you will never have fellowship with the Truth. And if you are not interested in this one occupation of the Truth, then I am sorry, you can never fellowship and get intimate with the Truth. But once you make this (reconciling all things back to the Truth) your desire and pursuit, then you can enjoy fellowship with the Truth. And the more this thing becomes your highest passion, the more Truth would be interested in you. Yes, he would pull you to himself because you carry his heart.

You know that feeling, when you find someone that is very passionate about the things you are very passionate about. It’s so exciting, and before you know it, you guys are best friends. We are called to go very deep with the Truth; and you cannot have this walk with Truth until you come into fellowship with him.

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