First Fruit And Burnt Offering

The principle of first fruit reveals that God must be first in all things concerning us. In the Old Testament the first harvest and the first born of the livestock is offered to God. First fruit is considered very important as most culture of the world put so must emphasis on the first. The first born is the prince and the heir, these carries much significant in the culture and tradition of man. Giving God that which is most dearest to you – that which is first – is a way of honoring Him and acknowledging His Lordship.
Christ is the first born and he is offered onto God. This Christ now lives in us through his Spirit. Therefore we must offer the fruit of the Spirit as First fruit onto God. By doing this we honour Him and acknowledge His Lordship. As a Church we are the first fruit because we are the body of the first born. “Of  His own will He brought us forth by the  word of truth, that we might be a kind of  firstfruits of His creatures.” (Jam 1:18). 
As first fruit we are offered onto God, we are a people that is utterly onto God. When the Church offer themselves complete to God then God is honoured among men and His Lordship would be manifested in this wicked world. If we want to see Christ taking his place as Lord over man and over the world, then we must offer ourselves by submitting complete to God as His people.
“And you shall  burn the whole ram on the altar. It is a burnt  offering to the LORD; it is a sweet aroma, an  offering made by fire to the LORD… And the other lamb you  shall offer at twilight; and you shall offer with it  the grain offering and the drink offering, as in the  morning, for a sweet aroma, an offering made by  fire to the LORD.” (Exo 29:18, 41).
Offerings in the Old Covenant are given very frequently. There are a lot of offerings, especially Burnt offerings. The essence of burnt offerings is so they would be a sweet-smelling aroma onto God. A continual ascendency of a sweet-smelling aroma of offerings is the intercourse and romance of the covenant. As God pours out His blessing upon the people, they continue to allow offerings ascend onto Him in sweet-smelling aroma. Remember these offerings are the representative of the land and it riches. Therefore God blesses the people with the land and it riches and they bless Him back with the sweet-smelling aroma of their offerings. It is a romance, a viscous circle of reckless giving, a continuous intercourse that brings the covenant to it’s glory. And the beauty of this intercourse lies in the principle of the tithe.
As the people give the first fruit and a tenth of the little they have, God blesses them making there next tenth larger than the former. And when they give this larger tenth to God, God give them even more blessings. And now they have a greater and larger tenth which they give to God. This cause God to bless them in even greater abundance. The circle continue until the people become so overwhelmed with God’s blessing that it becomes so embarrassing that the nations of the world cannot help but notice the glory of the Lord upon them. The Church becomes incurably attractive being filled with the glory of God, for this is the normal state of the Church.

That we might understand this principle as the New Covenant people. That this intercourse and romance might be our life style. Let us continue to explore Christ until we are lost in him, let us carry out our priestly ministry, let us offer the first fruit and let our lives be a burnt offering, a sweet-smelling aroma onto God. Our lives becomes a sweet-smelling aroma ascending continuously onto God when we live a life that continuously expresses Christ.
Extracted from: The New Covenant
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