Fix Your Eyes On Jesus; Seek Revelation


This is the third post of this series, and the final layer of the foundation. In the previous posts I talked about why we must fix our eyes on Jesus, and how it is important for the Christian walk. However, you cannot fix your eyes on something you cannot see. You must be able to see him before you can truly fix your eyes on him and abide in him. We need to be able to see the reality in Christ.

“And to know the Love of Christ beyond mere knowledge,” (Eph 3:19).

This revelation is beyond just mere knowledge, you must know and see the reality of Christ with all of your heart. You must become awaken to this thing inside you, let it be so real to you that you feel like you can actually touch it. Yes, it must become something tangible inside of you, something living. There is a way you can catch the revelation of Christ that it just flood the whole of your being.

There are some people that each time you mention the love of God their hearts start beating faster. They have so catch that revelation that it has apprehend the whole of their being. Each time a worship song on the love of God is sang tears start dripping down their eyes, they are lost in worship. Some it is the greatness of God, the glory of God, or the goodness of God, they have catch this revelation to the extent that it feels like it is crushing them, they are just intoxicated with it. Their bodies trembles each time these things are mentioned. True worship is born out of revelation.

When our hearts is so flooded with something it begins to even affect our bodies. You can have the revelation of the power of God and become so awaken to it that you could feel the warmth and electricity of His power running through your body. You can catch the revelation of the Life (Christ) to the extent that you could feel that bursting energy all over your body, you do not just know it, you are alive to it, it is a tangible thing, something real inside you.

Revelation is not just a head thing, it goes beyond having a head knowledge. In the previous posts I explained that when you fix your eyes on Christ the reality in him will flood your heart and begin to influence your emotions, thoughts, words and actions. But that will not happen if the revelation you have of him is too shallow. Pick a memory in your head, something that is attached to a very strong emotion, and all of a sudden you will begin to feel certain way and very strong thoughts begin to pass through your mind, and you are provoke to do certain things.

The stronger the revelation is the more it could apprehend your heart, strick down every other thoughts, and begin to find expression through you. So you seek revelation, you seek to know the indwelling Christ, to have him become real in you, to know the reality in Christ and be awaken to it. Once you know beyond mere knowledge, once you are able to see more clearly you can fix your eyes on it above all odds.

Yes, in order to be able to abide in Christ no matter what, that revelation you have inside you must be more real to you than the things you see with your physical eyes, the things you see all around you. This world is filled with a lot of perversion, and moreover you are born of the spirit so you are spirit (John 3:6) and that which is spirit is your reality not this world. When you have become awaken to your reality you will be able to live and abide in it.

In the previous posts I did mention that there is a way your eyes can be so fix on something that you no longer see the things happening around you. You could see them but it is not penetrating inside of you and influencing your thoughts, actions and words. No matter what is present to you, your eyes is just so fix on Jesus that you do not see other things (consider other things). You are not influenced by it rather you are influenced by Christ.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight:” (2Cor 5:7).

That which we see in us is more real to us than the things we see with our physical eyes. We are influenced by that which is more real to us. Do you feel it is impossible to get the revelation of Christ in a way that it is more real to you than the physical things you see? No, it is possible through intense seeking, prayer and fasting. You can get so focus on Christ, and go so deep in him that he becomes the most real thing to you.

It just requires a passion pursuit, yes pursue a revelation of him. No, not a revelation of useless knowledge and high sounding things that will profit you nothing. Pursue to truly know him even beyond mere knowledge, to apprehend him in your heart, to be awaken to this reality inside of you and to live in it and from it. 

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