Following The Word

What does following the word mean? The answer that most Christians will give you is that it means reading your Bible and doing what it says. But the word is not letter but spirit, it is alive, it is a person. Christ is the word of God.
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1).
It didn’t say the word is the Bible, but that the word was God, and now he has manifested in the flesh as a man called Jesus. God commanded that we believe and follow this Jesus. We are followers of Christ, this Christ is the Word.

When the Word manifested as flesh the believers followed this man. Anywhere he went you found them there. Then one day he was to go and he told them that he would send his Spirit and this Spirit is to help them follow him. This Spirit would become the helper of the followers, for by the Spirit they would follow him. A time is coming when they would not be able to follow him by the flesh, their flesh would not be able to perceive him and they must learn to lean on the Spirit to help them reach out into the spirit and follow him.

“Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more.” (2Cor 5:16).

They used to know him by the flesh and they followed him by the flesh but now he had gone beyond the flesh. The Word is no longer with us in the flesh, he has gone back to the Father but the followers must continue to follow him. They are to follow him by the Spirit. By the senses of the flesh they can’t perceive him but by the Spirit they can see him and follow him. With the empowerment of the Spirit they can reach out into the spirit and perceive him. They must follow him no matter what, for this is what they are — they are his followers.

We as Christians are the followers of the Word. We stop being Christians when we stop following the Word. We are not followers of pastors, of denominations, prophets, churches, movements, bible etc. No! We are followers of the Word. We stop being Christians the moment we start following anything other than the Word. We are called to simply follow the Word. We are called to be able to open up our spiritual eyes, see the Word and then follow him.

The Word is there in the spirit, he is alive and he is moving. He is moving us to God’s purpose, God’s fullness. For just as Joshua led the children of Israel into the land flowing with milk and honey, our Joshua is leading us into the fullness of God. Joshua is the Hebrew translation of Jesus (Jesus is a Greek word). This means, what Joshua is to old Israel, Jesus is to the new Israel. He is to lead us into the fullness of God. But how would he lead us if we are not able to see and follow him.

We are to follow the Word. At every stage of our spiritual life God gives us the Word; the Word moves as we walk with him. If you are able to see into the spirit you would see it. As you walk towards the Word, he moves. Each time the Word is revealed to you and you pursue him he would then change position when you’ve got to him. He wants you to follow him that is why he continues to change positions and you must continue to pursue and follow him. He remains at a position until it is time to move and then he changes his position.

At some point in my walk with God my spiritual senses opened, and I was able to perceive the Word. I could sense him in my spirit and when I open my mouth he flows out like a fountain. For a time the major word I saw in my spirit was, ‘listen’. At first, I didn’t understand what it meant but over time I began to realize God was teaching me to pay attention to Him. After a while the major word I see in my spirit changed and I started seeing grace. Each time I look into my spirit I see the word grace. Before I continue with my experience let me state that there are different ways we could perceive the Word, but the fact is that he is presented in our spirit. I perceive it by looking into my spirit and uttering it out with my mouth (this is what they call prophetic utterance). I began to see the word, ‘grace’. In my walk with God I was coming to a point where I would need grace. I didn’t know but God knew and I keep seeing the word grace. Then God brought me to experience grace in a way I have never experienced before. All those while I was seeing grace in the spirit God was working out grace in me. I was seeing what the Father was doing, the Son was unveiling the Father to me but I didn’t understand. After, this God took me into another stage in my walk with Him. This time it was life I saw in the spirit, I didn’t just see it I felt it, I tasted it and life is so sweet (I am referring to the eternal life). God began to teach me about life and all of a sudden a hunger broke out from my spirit. What was the hunger about? It was life my inner man seems to be in a deep and desperate hunger for life. I yielded myself to this hunger because I knew I must align myself with the Word and follow him. I always try to follow him, yielding myself to whatever he is doing. This is our we grow, we follow the Word, and he takes us step by step until we attain the fullness of God.

We must be able to perceive him and move together with him. We must be sensitive in the spirit to observe him, watch him move and move with him. Even when he is not moving keep observing him and wait with him there. You are called to follow him, therefore, if he waits, you wait and you must not move until he moves. You must allow the Spirit reveal this truth in you, for He is the one responsible for teaching all truths. He would lead you and teach you to translate the Word.Just remember to pursue him and desire to see him as you’re following him. Desire desperately to be able to perceive the Word and the Spirit would help you perceive him.

Many Christians are just too distracted doing so many things that is not Christian. Some are so occupied pursuing knowledge; they want to know the word of God. You cannot know the word of God simply by studying the Bible. The word of God is not that letter, it is a person. You can have all this knowledge of scripture but you would never know what it truly means until you know the person of the word. We know the person of the word by walking with him. It is in this walk that you truly begin to understand what those scripture means.

It is not by studying deeper and wider that you know the word of God but it’s by walking with the person of the word. This is why you must stop being distracted by the desire to know the meaning of grace, faith, power, discipleship, spiritual gifts, angels, demon, prosperity and whatever topic we may pick out of the Bible. No matter how deep you study these things you can never really know them until you start walking with the person of the word. As you walk with him you would discover things about him, the Spirit would then lead you to do further study, through this study the Spirit will expound upon that which you have discovered in your walk with the Word. Focus on following him rather than pursuing mere knowledge and as you follow him you would realize you are having deeper and deeper revelation of deeper truth. You would apprehend truth far greater and deeper than that which others are pursuing. Leave everything to follow the Word, for this is all that matters.

This post is extracted from the book, The Language Of God

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