Growing The Life For The Supernatural

In the previous post I shared about growing the life I emphasized growing life in the area of virtues. And one might think that it requires a different principle when it comes to the supernatural, that’s why I feel I must write this post. Well, the truth is that it is the same principle. In the previous post I explained the three ways that the life is grown. These three ways still applies for the supernatural. Let me list the three again;
1. Abiding in Christ—living by the indwelling Christ.
2. Getting revelation and learning to fix your eyes on it.
3. Sharing the life (in whatever form) with others.

When you are living by the indwelling Christ you would find yourself being led in ways that would result in supernatural manifestation. Our God is a supernatural God and He does things in supernatural ways, so following Him would involve walking down the path of the supernatural. So as you are living by the indwelling Christ you are not just developing virtues, you are also becoming familiar with the supernatural. As for the second, to manifest the supernatural most times requires having a revelation and learn to fix your eyes so intensely on it that every other thing fades away. When you want to lay hands on a sick person and everything in your head is telling you that you can’t get the person healed. Well, just pick up the revelation of the healing power of Christ, focus on that revelation so intensely that it blocks every other thing in your head. If your revelation of this truth is very strong then your heart would immediately become flooded with faith, and that faith is all you need to manifest that healing.

In area of the prophetic the scripture saying, “But we have the mind of Christ (the Messiah) and do hold the thoughts (feelings and purposes) of His heart.” (1Cor 2:16). Another scripture says, “But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.” (1John 2:20). How much of this revelation have you gotten? How deep is your revelation in this truth? If you have truly gotten this revelation, then fix your mind eyes on it, continue to meditate over it, and stay still. Then soon you will realize certain information flowing into your mind, or certain pictures would flash, yes that is it. The same goes with seeing the heavens, the scripture says we are seated with God in the heavenly places (Eph 1:6; 3:1-3). Get the revelation of this truth, then fix your eyes on it, seeing yourself seated with God in heaven. Keep your eyes fixed on this truth in your mind with faith in your heart (well, you will naturally have faith if truly you have gotten this revelation). Then your eyes would be open, and the realm of the heavens would manifest before your eyes.

Note that to keep your eyes fixed on something in your mind requires your mind creating an imagination. It’s just the nature of the mind, it would automatically create an imagination based on the truth you are trying to fix your eyes on. When you want to fix your mind eyes on the revelation of Christ’s healing power, your mind would automatically create an imagination that represents the healing power of Christ to you. Now the problem with seeing into the spirit is that novice don’t usually recognize when it has shifted from an imagination to an actual vision. In the area of healing, as you fix your eyes on this image (imagination) of the truth in your mind, and you declare the word by standing on this truth, the healing happens physically, then you could see and know that you have manifested the supernatural. When I want to heal myself is that I just stay still, and imagine Jesus on the cross, with my sickness crucified with him. Then I imagine this healing power pouring out from him unto me, coming in wave after wave. And I just soak myself in that. Then immediately I can feel my body getting healed, temperature returned back to normal, even catar dry immediately. The thing is like magic, it fills me with wonder and awe.

In the area of getting a prophetic word, as you fix your mind on this picture in your mind that you share one mind with God and you have access to what He knows, then you got a word and the person confirm it to be true, you will know that indeed you have manifested the supernatural. But when it comes to seeing heaven and God, how would you know when it has shifted from the image you are fixing your eyes on to an actual vision? Some people tend to be confuse in this area and begin to question if actually they had a vision of heaven or it was still there imagination. And the devil usually use this confuse to get people to just discard this manifestation.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that whatever the manifestation may be, it all requires the same principle of getting the revelation and fixing your eyes intensely on it. We manifest the supernatural by fixing our eyes on the revelation of the truth in Christ. And the more you manifest it, the more the life apprehend you in that area. You see, one can have life in one area and not have life in another area. But to be truly mature we must grow in all the fullness of the life, allowing the life to penetrate and grow into every aspect of our lives, including our character (in developing Christian virtue) and our works (in manifestating the supernatural).

There is also the aspect of sharing the life with others. This would involve the desire to share your ability to heal, see, get prophetic word, etc. for the benefit of the community of believers or even the world at large. You can’t keep it all to yourself, it would not grow that way. For example I am very good at healing myself, but this ability have not grown the way it ought to because I shy away from healing other people. I only lay hands on people in situations where I am cornered and I didn’t have any other choice. If I have been going out healing people, I am sure the ability would have grown very much by now and I would be seeing amazing results. Well, there are so many things I have been keeping to myself, I would have even kept my writings to myself if God didn’t force and persuade me to share them.

The more we share the more we grow. If you laid hand on someone and there was no healing, as a result you become discouraged and stop laying hands then that aspect of the life in you will never grow. Hold on to that desire to share, and keep pressing to let it out. Let the river of life flow out of you, and the more you allow it flow the more it would remove every barrier in it path. Yes, the more water is released, the more it pushes away any barriers in it way. In fact, it would keep expanding and extending its banks til it becomes a very big river. We want to have life gushing out of us in such great measure. If you are not seeing results then try to build on the revelation you have, and keep going out. Keep trying to manifest, till you grow into that fullness. As an introvert, I know how difficult it is to get out there and share prophetic word with people, or ask people to allow you lay hands on them, but we must do it if we want to grow in the fullness of the life. There is no other way, we just have to go out.

One thing that would help in going out is doing it in group. Yes, going out alone may be difficult, but if you have a group of people to do it together with then it would be easier. This is one of the purpose of the ecclesia, they are to go out in groups to lay hands on the sick, share prophetic words, allowing every member to participate so that each person would grow into it. Doing it in group would help you break the fear of going out and confronting people. And once that fear have been dealt with, it would become easier to do it in your workplace or school, or wherever you find yourself, whether you are alone or not. This way we would continue to grow in all the fullness of God, sharing the life and manifesting the supernatural everywhere we find ourselves.

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