Having The Spirit of Truth

“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.” (John 16:13).
“But it was to us that God revealed these things by his Spirit. For his Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets.” (1Cor 2:10).
It’s such a wonderful thing to have the Spirit of truth living in us. We have been called to fellowship with the Spirit of truth. It is such a wonderful thing but we’ve abuse this privilege. We have turn the Spirit of truth to an object for satisfying our mental curiosity. We use the Spirit to gather up knowledge simply to decorate our mental library. With the Spirit we have build a complex and extravagant system of doctrine and theology. We approach the Bible with unsanctisfied reasoning and come up with our so called revelation claiming it was inspired by the Spirit. We have built a tower of fascinating and amusing knowledge in the name the Spirit.
The Bible is the most abuse book in all of history and the name of the Spirit have been used as an occasion for justifying our abuse of the Scripture. If only we understand why the Spirit of truth was given. He wasn’t given so that we can have more knowledge about various topics from the Bible. The Spirit wasn’t given to be use to justify our argument and the forcefully impose our ideology on others. The Spirit of truth was given for nothing else but intimacy. God brought us into His inner chamber and through His Spirit He stripped Himself naked – expose His heart, mind and thought. This is intimacy.
When you are in love with someone you would want the person to know you intimately, to know everything about you. God put no restrain in our access to the knowledge of Him. He did this not so we can have a systematic theology or so we can boast of how much mysteries we know. He did this to bring us into a greater intimacy with Him. The Spirit of Truth was not given so we can build Bible schools or construct a Christian education system with diverse topics. Let us stop using the Spirit of truth simply to acquire knowledge but let us begin to see him as an occasion for entering into a greater intimacy with God. Let us seek to know Him not just for the sake of having knowledge but for the sake of intimacy.
The Father loves to show us around His mystery. He wants to take us on an escort into His deep things and He would do this through His Spirit. If only we begin to see the Spirit as an occasion to enter into greater intimacy with God we would found ourselves become one with Him as we are coming to know Him better. We would know how He thinks, what He feels and what He is doing. And like Jesus we would be able to do what the Father is doing and release great light and salvation on earth. 
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