Intimacy With The Indwelling Christ

We have heard about intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and relationship with the Father, but what about the indwelling Christ? Without him we cannot live the Christian life. He is the life of the Christian life. It is sad how little we know about the Christian Life.

We think it is all about doing good and being mortally upright by the power of grace. Well, that “power of grace” is a person. God didn’t just give you an ability to do good, He gave you a life, a new person.

This person is the real you, it is the you born of God. And it is Christ; the Christ that dwells in you. You can come to know him, he is another Life inside of you, how impossible to miss. That voice telling you that you are not doing the right thing, that’s the Holy Spirit, I am not talking about him. He is meant to HELP you live by the Life, to call your attention to the Life especially when you are ignoring him.

I am talking about the Life himself, that one that always wants to do something different from what your flesh wants to do. Yes, you can feel his desires, you know what he wants to do but you often ignore him. You must understand that he is your Lord, you made him your Lord the day you got born again and now you are obligated to always obey him.

The reason why many do not know the indwelling Christ is because they spend so much time opposing him, hereby causing his hold over them to shrink until they can hardly feel him. Here is a principle; the more you yield to him the more his hold gets stronger then you can feel his will getting stronger and stronger overwhelming the will of the flesh in your life.

Yes, this is what you should desire as a Christian, that Christ in you might increase and you (the carnal you) might reduce to nothingness. That he might grow stronger and you grow weaker. You can come to know the indwelling Christ and learn to yield to him more. If he has grown weaker in your life that you hardly feel him anymore you can repent now and begin to pray to be apprehended by him. Pray it day and night, and within a week you should be able to feel his will again.

Learn to do more and more things by his Life, let him reign in your heart. You can know him so well that it becomes easier to recognize his will and differentiate it from your own will. You can learn to know his hold and how to be apprehended by it. You can enter into the indwelling Christ and experience the life of the Godhead (the Trinity).

In fact, I have been struggling in my head looking for words to describe the kind of things you can do once you come to know the indwelling Christ, but experiences most times are better experienced. Yes, come experience it yourself, even if I use words to explain I don’t think you will get it.

I wrote a book that might help you in the quest to know the indwelling Christ, it is titled, “Apprehended By The Life“. Just do whatever it takes, we are living far far below the normal Christian life, it is time we experience true Christianity.

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