Life And Death (5); The Fullness Of God’s Promises

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.” (Deu 30:19).

If you look all through the Old Testament everything was bordered around life and death—it was all a matter of life and death. If they choose life then they will have all the promises that God has given them through the covenant. But if they choose death then they will have nothing but disaster.

“Now listen! Today I am giving you a choice between life and death, between prosperity and disaster.” (Deu 30:15).

God’s promises are in life, they only find fulfillment in life. This is a very important truth because we see how God give some people wonderful promises yet they grow old without seeing the fulfillment. Christ fulfilled all of God’s will for his life because he lived in life where the fullness of God’s will find manifestation. People do not see the fulfillment of God’s will in their lives because they have been living in death, and the promises waiting for them in the life. Whenever it tries to meet them where they are in death it is being thwarted by the activities of the devil. Then they say the witches in their family are disturbing them, they are disturbing you because you are in death, you are in their domain where they have power to disturb.

It is not enough to be saved we must grow in life, yes you receive life during salvation but you must grow into abundant life. If there was no need for that Jesus would have never said, “I come to give life and give it abundantly”. He could have just stop in, “I come to give life”, period. Why did he added “abundant life” or “full life”? Let’s not deceive ourselves in our laziness, salvation is the starting point, there is more we must pursue. Prayer really helps at that early stage of salvation, it helps us to fight off the devil while we are still growing in life. This is why God has sent us minister who would teach us to pray and use our authority, but we are not meant to remain in that stage. The delay in growth is what has made the ministry of these men become ugly.

When a child continue to crawl at the age of 5 and the mother is found always crying him, treating him like a baby, and even breastfeeding him, the society would say the woman is to blame. But does that mean breastfeeding and caring for a baby is wrong? No, the problem is not with the breastfeeding or the care and love, the problem is that the baby is not growing. Breastfeeding and intense care is still very much needed for every baby. God gave us these men and this fire, fire prayer ministry in our stage of babyhood till we grow in the life and enter into the realm where God promises and will in our lives cannot be interrupted or thwarted. The problem we face today with this ministry is the refusal of the babies to grow. They have settled in immaturity and called it normal, they have built a system inside immaturity and settled there. That is not how it ought to be.

What ought to be is that through that ministry the Christian learns spiritual warfare in the place of prayer, he learn how to use his authority in Christ, to confront the devil and demand on his right, and that allows him to enjoy God’s will while he is still largely in death. But Christianity is not meant to be experienced in death, he must grow and come to a place where he is no longer praying such prayer all the time. He doesn’t need to fight and fight for every single unit of the measure of God’s will and blessing to finally manifest in his life. When Jesus needed to feed 5 thousand men, he didn’t pray that the bread and fished should multiply, and he didn’t band every demon or evil that might try to block his prayer or blessings.
“Then Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks to God, and distributed them to the people.” (John 6:11).

He didn’t need to ask God to multiple it, he was operating under the fullness of the Kingdom, and these things are the normal things you find there. God blessings are in the life, in that realm there is always provision no matter what. Jesus knew this, and he simply needed to have faith and thank God for the little available and continued to act in faith. And he never thought of fighting the evil that may try to stop the blessings from coming because he is in a realm beyond the reach and interruption of any evil against God’s blessing. The food multiplied, it had to, God had to meet the need one way or another, that is the principle of the life, and there is nothing to interrupt that principle. When you let down a ball down a steep slope the laws of nature says it will continue to roll till it reach the bottom if (a big if) it is not interrupted. As long as something is not interrupted the laws and principles plays out smoothly. We need to come into that, in order to live the Christian life at ease and fulfill all that God has for each and every one of us.

“I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life,” (Deu 30:19).

If you choose life then there has to be blessings, one way or another it has to come. That’s the principle, for God’s blessing is in the life, all you need to do is thank God and watch what would happen. Whether you ask or not it would come, Jesus didn’t ask for the food to multiply, neither did he asked for God to do some miracles. Miracle and the supernatural is the norm in this realm of life. In the natural world when you throw a stone up you don’t ask for gravity to bring it back down, it just does because that is the law.

So much becomes easier when we are walking in the abundant life that Jesus desire to give us. When you are working in that abundant life none of God’s will, plan or blessings would be frustrated. Everything would work smoothly based on the normal laws of that supernatural kingdom of heaven that Jesus came to preach and bring us into. We already are in the kingdom, so let’s grow in life and enjoy the fullness of the Kingdom that Christ gave us through his blood.

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