My Other Blogs

Please check out my other blogs, they have great content. I will introduce you to the two of them.



One is Oneness With God. Some of you already teach a course on Oneness With God. So I created a blog to achieve some of the messages I have been sharing in this course. You might be interested in reading some of these posts.


The second blog is Exodus Of The Ecclesia. This is a blog for those who are ready to move beyond this highly religious and perverted Christianity into what God is currently forming the body into. The posts in this blog are hard on those who hold on to the many Christian traditions because it questions a lot of these traditions. But its goal is not to be critical of mainstream Christianity. Rather it seeks to gradually unveil the glorious bride after being stripped of all the rubbish that man has put on her — things that are covering her true glory.


I will be sharing many more posts on these blogs. So please follow them.

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