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I am currently starting a course to teach believers how to enter into fellowship with the person of the Truth (Christ). Years ago I entered into a reality where my eyes became so filled with light that it became easier for me to understand any scripture and get in depth insights. I can’t begin to explain how amazing this was for me—to be caught up in this beautiful fellowship with the Truth (Christ). Within two years I had written almost 10 books and by then I had almost 300 articles on my blog, and this minus the ones that didn’t made it to my blog. At one time I was getting loads and loads of revelation in a measure that was just so overwhelming that I couldn’t bear it anymore, I had to stay away from my Bible.

I was away from my Bible for one month thinking that the loads of revelation would reduced to a bearable level. But it didn’t. Well, I was forced to accept that this is now my new reality. The greatness of this intimacy was heavy on my flesh but sweet in my spirit. I get really filled with joy when I am drawn into that fellowship. Yes, joy mixed with an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and pleasure—it is indeed a thing to desire.

I don’t want to enjoy all this alone, I want my beloved brethren to join me in experiencing this sweet fellowship with the Lord. This is not about how to study your Bible. No, what I want to do is bring you into a realm, the inner chamber of the person who is the Truth. A place where you will know truth not as some concept, or some information, but as a living person. Beyond that, you will know him as your Lord and husband, and you would be brought into such intense and sweet intimacy with this person.

What this would to Christians is that their eyes would be filled with so much light that no matter how contradicting and obscure a teaching may be, they will be able to understand how it fit into the body (the body of the one who is the Truth/the body of Christ) and what part doesn’t fit into the body. They would develop an ability to harmonize and reconcile truths for the sake of the unity of the body of Christ. They would also develop the ability to discern truth from falsehood with such accurate precision.

I believe that when we have more Christians who have master this fellowship then the desire of the Lord, for us “all to attain the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God,” would no longer be unrealistic. I believe it is very possible for the body of Christ to come into unity in our faith (what we believe) and the knowledge of the Son of God. By flesh it might not be possible, but when we begin to explore this spiritual realm where the Truth is a person, then it becomes possible.

In the flesh realm where the truth is merely a concept there would surely be division, for even the flesh is plagued with death, of which symptoms are degradation, disintegration, and division. But when we are trained to be acquainted to that realm where the Truth is a person, then we would all come into unity in the knowledge of him. For, when we all know this person intimately, then whenever he appears we can all agree that this is him.

What I am trying to say is that if we all know Ben intimately, and then Ben walks into the room, we would all agree that it is Ben. There would definitely not be much argument on that, considering that we all know him very well, and moreover even Ben could speak (we could all hear Ben and we can recognize his voice) and defend himself. Hence, there would be more unity in the body of Christ. God desire that each one of us would know the Truth so intimately that we no longer need to teach each other.

“No longer will they teach their neighbor, or say to one another, ‘Know the Lord,’ because they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest,” declares the Lord.” (Jer 31:34).

“As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit—just as it has taught you, remain in him.” (1John 2:27).

We would no longer need to teach each other, for everyone would have an intimate relationship with the one who is Truth (Christ). Rather than teaching each other truths, we would prefer to share with each other the relationship we have with him (Truth). We would share the things we experience in the inner chamber with the Truth. Our discussions of truths would be more of a relational and intimate one, rather than an analytical discussion.

This course is designed to achieve all these things. I would not just be teaching you about the truth, I would be teaching you about how to get intimate with the Truth (Christ) yourself. So this course is not just meant for teachers of the word, but also for every Christian. The course is taking play on Whatsapp, it is going to be free. To join you can contact me.

Below are some post describing some of the things we would be learn in the course:


Whenever the things of God is handled by the hands of the flesh, no matter how pure and true that thing is, it would surely lead to division and strife. That is why in the prophecy of the statue in the book of Daniel, it is the rock cut, not by the hands of man, that smashed all the kingdom of darkness and established the kingdom of God. Whenever the hands of the carnal man (the carnal nature in us) is used to handle the things of God, what would be produced is division, strife, and all kinds of perversion. We could use the church in Corinth as a case study.

“Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed.” (1Cor 1:7).

This church had all the gifts of the Spirit. They were not lacking in any of them, and they had it in abundance. But they handled the gifts with the flesh and it became a cause for division and strive. Paul had to step in and tell them that these gifts was meant to bring them together as one body, not cause division (see 1Cor 12). Whenever anything of God is handled by the flesh it would cause division, but if we learn to handle it by the Spirit then it will be a cause of unity, interdependent, intimacy, and the building of a stronger bond.

For too long, the body of Christ have handled spiritual knowledge with the flesh and look what we have today. Yes, we are so divided over doctrines, we are constantly fighting and arguing over theologies. We have grown so suspicious of one another, overly protective, constantly calling each other names and pinning negative tags on each other; “Don’t mind them they are a cult… I suspect you are OSAS, I don’t want to have anything to do with your kind.. those ones do not belong to our group, we don’t understand them.”

As long as we continue to handle spiritual knowledge by the flesh, we would continue to have division. Now, how do we shift and start handling spiritual knowledge by the Spirit so that it could be a cause for unity, interdependent, intimacy, and the building of a stronger bond? These are the things we would be teaching in this course.


“That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.” (Eph 4:22-24).

These verses were written to believers not unbelievers, and there it mentioned the presence of two men in the believer. There is the old man and the new man, and the scripture reveal that we must forsake the old man and put on the new man. The old man is the carnal man. Each one of us is more susceptible to yielding to the carnal man in one particular way more than the other—people are different that way.

We find that when we want to do certain things, we have no problem doing it by the new man. But when it comes to some other things, we just find ourselves automatically switching to the carnal man, and handling that thing by the hands of the carnal man. This is because we haven’t trained ourselves to manifest the new man in that area. Our default mode is the carnal man. So where there is no revelation, where we haven’t learn to do things by the new man, the carnal man automatically takes over.

Just like the opening scripture says, “put on the new man”, it is an intentional process. In the body of Christ today, there are areas in handling spiritual knowledge that we haven’t put on the new man (manifest the new man, and handle it by the new man). And this is largely because we do not know how to, we lack revelation in those areas. We see spiritual knowledge as just information that can be grasp by the faculties of the old man, so we automatically begin to handle it by the old, carnal man.

The carnal man might even be a good carnal man with good intentions. But the truth is that whatever the carnal man touches, no matter how good intentioned he may be, it would lead to death (division and strife). When we begin to see spiritual knowledge as the Truth (Christ), a living person that cannot be grasp or perceived by the faculties of the old man. Then we are forced to abandon the carnal man and begin to learn to handle spiritual knowledge by the new man.



The old man sees spiritual knowledge as information subjected to a logic and reasoning that relies heavily on his limited knowledge and things in the realm of the flesh. The old man suffers from insecurities, he is filled with fear, overly suspicious, and mostly confuse (his cognitive is limited), yet arrogant. The old man is spiritually dead, which mean he has the propensity to tend towards anything perverse and pertaining to darkness. He easily jumps into conclusions, and sadly his conclusions are usually tinted with perversion and darkness.

On the other hand, the new man relies heavily on the Father, for he is a son and he finds sufficiency not in himself but in the Father. He sees truth as his Lord and Savior, as such he does not subject truth to anything, but he subject himself (and all that is of him) to truth. He does not subject the Truth to his logic, but he subject his logic to the Truth. He trust completely in his Lord (the Truth), and he is drawn into fellowship with his Lord’s Spirit (the Spirit of Truth).

Here in this fellowship Truth rules over his reasoning and the Spirit of Truth teachings his understanding. The new man is lowly and empty, he has nothing to be insecure about, and he has nothing to fear. He speaks what the Father speaks and does what he sees the Father doing (John 5:19-30). His actions are not subjected to anything earthly. He is drawn toward manifesting heavenly things, and even when it comes to truths he is busy trying to manifest the one seated in heaven who is the Truth (Christ).

In his fellowship with the Truth he develops the ability to discern truths. When you hear your wife/husband voice over the phone you don’t need any introduction to tell you that this is your wife/husband. This discernment is gotten from intimacy, and apart from that the new man has an innate ability to discern truths. I would show you how to discern truths through that innate ability while you are still working on intimacy with the Truth.



“But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.” (1John 2:20).

This statement is very true about the new man. As the new man we know all things. We know all things in our spirit. Most times when I want to write a book I may not know much about what I want to write. All I know is that I feel this urge from the Spirit to write. At first I might struggle to start writing, seeing that I don’t even know what to write. But then I stop looking at my flesh and fixed my eyes on Christ, and then rest (lean) on the Spirit. At the end I get shocked at the things that comes out of me.

I know from experience that deep inside of my spirit I know all things. I know more than I think I know. And I have learned to simply trust God whenever the Spirit comes to pull me into that fellowship where I find myself translating into human words, the knowledge that already lies in my spirit. Even as I begin this course, some of the things I am going to be teaching here I don’t think I know them yet in my head. But when it is time to reach out into the spirit and translate it into words that my brain can grasp and store, I trust the Holy Spirit would help.

It is like having a bank of knowledge, and knowing that no matter how empty your pocket (brain) may be, you can always reach out to the bank of the Spirit and take whatever you want. That is why writing has never been an issue for me. If not for the sake of my body (too much writing can leave you with pains all over your hands) I could write over 12 books in a year. I can just keep drawing and drawing from the spirit, because this bank is endless. Yes, that is how it feels when you are awakened to the reality of the fellowship with the Truth, through the Spirit of Truth.



Talking about translating truths from the spirit into human words, I would be teaching you more about how to do that, and the underlining principles involve. But for now I would like to explain something about it that we Christians don’t understand. I would need an illustration to properly put forth what I want to explain. Firstly, translating the truth involves taking that which is spirit (the Truth is spirit) and manifesting it in the flesh as human words.

The Truth in his original state is not human words. Human words are created things. Before creation there was the Truth. He is not subject to human words, he had existed long before there was any human words. So in his original state the Truth is a spiritual substance. The truth is God. However, we see that it is God desire to become flesh (to manifest in the flesh). So yes, the truth can be manifested in the flesh as human words. However, in doing that there are things we must take note of.

Now my illustration; let say there is something in your heart. You have something in your heart that you desire to cook. And you can see this thing in your heart, but you cannot eat it until you manifest what is in your heart by cooking it, and then you will be able to eat it. Let’s say what you want to cook is rice, then you go get a book that tells you all the ingredients needed to cook this rice that is in your heart. You gather together all the right ingredients as described in that book.

However, as you begin to put them together in your cooking, you end up adding way too much pepper, and more than enough salt. The water you put was too small, you just poured everything anyhow, feeling so confident that since you got all the ingredients needed everything would come out right. But at the end the food tastes horrible. Rather than adding nutrients to your body, it becomes poisonous, or rather unhealthy. Yes, there is a way you can translate truth that it becomes unhealthy to your spiritual growth.

It is unhealthy because it is not well cooked (well translated). To live healthy you need to properly cook your food, and eat good food. There are some teachings out there that has all the ingredients of truth, they are very correct, and one can even use the Bible to prove how correct they are. But having all the ingredients right is not enough in translating truth. We must become experts in putting together truth in a way that it would cause us to grow healthily in the spirit.



We are called into a fellowship with God. The Christian life is all about that fellowship. God saw Adam alone and said, “I will make him a helper” (Gen 2:18). Yes, a helper, a partner, someone that would come into the fellowship of everything that Adam is, and everything that Adam is doing. That is what the body of Christ is to Jesus. We are called into the fellowship of all that Jesus is and all that Jesus is doing. Fellowship means to partner, to share together with, in a way that you become “one in common”.

Our relationship with the Truth is a fellowship. No, our relationship with the Truth is not to use it as a tool to show how knowledgeable you are, or how superior you are to others. The Truth is not a weapon used to bash people around and mock them. The truth is not for entertainment, it is not for the sake of decorating our mental library. It is not to appease our curiosity or give offerings and satisfaction to our mental cravings. Our pursuit of the Truth is so we could experience for ourselves the fellowship which have been promised us, that fellowship which is our right as the bride.

Oh, I don’t know if you will understand this. When your mind is focused on getting that fellowship, rather than merely getting an information, you will receive more knowledge than those just pursuing information. Let me put it this way; if you are just busy pursuing someone’s money. Well, you may get it to some extent. But if you are pursuing his heart, if you could win that person’s heart and own his heart then you’ve won everything that person has.

It is out of the riches of that fellowship that you receive the measure of his wisdom and knowledge. It is in the intensity of this fellowship that you are giving the right (the key) to come in and out, taking whatever knowledge you want. Yes, all that is his becomes yours.

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