Pleasure In God

Pleasure In God


Religion often condemns pleasure and considers it the enemy. In this post we would see that God has always wanted us to have pleasure, He created us to enjoy pleasure. Yes, He designed us to live in pleasure. Until we realize this we would never know this secret of life. From creation, we can see that God desires that we have pleasure.


“And out of the ground the Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food.” (Gen 2:9).


He purposely made the trees to be pleasant to the sight. And its fruits were pleasant in taste. Not just trees, but everything he made was pleasant. Beauty is everywhere, so pleasant to see. Different flavours in plants, fruits, meats, and drinks, so pleasant in taste. He made music, pleasant to the ears. And even our touch has different sensations and pleasure spots. Then there are different scents, pleasant to perceive. 


Such gracious (pleasant) creation, all pointing to the Christ who brings grace (true pleasure in God) and truth (reality). Yes, God is the reality that every other reality points to, he is the pleasure that we were designed to enjoy. Every other reality preaches of Him — yes they preach of the coming of the Christ who will give us access to God and enjoy this ultimate reality.


We are designed for pleasure. We have not been taught to find pleasure in God and that’s why we look for it in all the wrong places. You cannot teach people to be serious all the time when there is a vacuum for pleasure that needs to be filled. They will end up fulfilling that desire the wrong way. We must learn to find pleasure in God, to enjoy his grace (his pleasantness).


This reality called God (Christ) is so pleasing. This love, this truth, this experience — Oh! An endless experience — this is the real pleasure. This is life! We are enjoying life 😂😂. You can’t taste this and still feel empty. Every other thing is insatiable — you will keep consuming and consuming till that thing you call pleasure destroys you. But this God is satisfaction; you will just know you have found the real thing. Oh, this is REAL!

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