Prayer; Pressing Into Spiritual Realities

Prayer in the New Covenant is quite different from what man know prayer to be because we are in Christ where the fullness of God dwells. Prayer is not just asking God to give you things, you are already in the fullness of God, the eternal Sabbath, the land of His infinite riches. Hence, if you are not coming to ask for things, what then are you coming to do?

First of all you are coming for intimacy, you are coming to have intercourse with the Lord, you are coming so that your heart will enter into His heart and become one heart with Him, your mind penetrate His mind and become one mind; your thoughts, your emotions, your passion, your desire, through that process the whole of you is becoming one with God. And when you come out of that prayer you easily live a life in oneness with God, expressing Him in everything you do.

Anyway, I wrote a post on prayer as intimacy, you can go read it. Apart from prayer of intimacy there is also prayer of pressing into the realities in Christ, and that is what this post is about. In Christ we are already in the fullness of God, and we have that fullness in the spirit, but God desire that that which is in the spirit (in Christ) must be manifested in the flesh. It is God become flesh, the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Therefore, we must press in order to bring our reality in the spirit into manifestation in the flesh. Yes, this is what we are to do right now on earth as we await the second coming of Jesus. We are not just to sit and wait, the Lord said we are to pray “thy kingdom come”. Praying for the kingdom to come is not just asking for the second coming of Jesus, it is pressing into the reality of the kingdom so that you can bring it into manifestation in your flesh.

The Lord has commanded us to pray this prayer and we must. We are not praying for selfish needs, we are praying for the kingdom to come. But first it must come inside of you, it must become a reality in you, you must be awaken into the reality of the kingdom. See the kingdom, touch it, experience it in the place of prayer, and then bring it into manifestation so that others too might experience it through you.

Separate time to press in, and then go out still trying to press in through out the day – it is a prayer without ceasing. We must keep pressing till we come to the place where we see heaven, touch heaven, we become one with the one seated on the throne, we could feel His power coursing through our veins, he is not only in the spirit he is now in our flesh, one with us, the things that we see in the spirit is now rushing into our flesh, seeking to be released. Until you get to this place you haven’t press enough.

When you read the scripture and you see the truth about the reality of Christ, press in till you have it, these things are not just meant for head knowledge, they are there to be experience. So when you see scriptures like, “you can do greater works”, “the Spirit of truth would show you things to come”, etc. press in till you begin to have these things manifest in our life.

We must become that channel where the reality of heaven is pouring into the earth. And then anything that touches us has touched heaven, and anything that we touch has come in contact with heaven. The Christian life is not going about, doing all these religious stuff. It is all about the kingdom come, we must become a living kingdom come.

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