Prayer; The Intercourse Of The Heart

This is a prayer of intimacy, a kind of prayer that pulls you so deep into God, causing you to experience Him in such supernatural ways. The heart is how we touch God, but sadly when we pray our minds are so busy that we pay very little attention to the heart. If only we can shot down everything; our wondering thoughts, our many words, our many prayer methods etc, and just pay attention to our hearts, pouring it out to God, and communicating with God heart to heart.

I would admit, I am also guilty of all these things, I wouldn’t have discovered this prayer all by myself. It was the lovely Spirit of God that forced me into it, He taught me to stay focus and then shot down my many words. I couldn’t utter any words, not with my mouth and not even in my head, everything was just shot down, yet he bids me to continue praying. How am I going to pray without utterance? I just didn’t understand. But as I remain with him I soon realized something happening in my heart.

My heart is being pour out towards God, not through words, but through affection. I could feel my desire coming out from it hiding place deep inside of me, showing forth its fullness. And oh it is full, so full and so strong. As I remain still I could hear my heart more loudly in that beautiful silence, “Oh, how I want you Lord”. Everything is getting clearer and that desire is showing forth more stronger than I have ever felt it before. Tears dropping down my eyes, “I just want you Lord, I just want you”.

Suddenly, it feels like my heart jumps right out of my chest, chasing after God, and kissing Him with a lovely embrace. He held me tight, pull me to Himself, and let me have Him. Oh the satisfaction I feel at that moment, words cannot begin to describe it. Here is my eternal Lover, and He is all mine. I burst into laughter, enraptured with overwhelming joy, “He is mine, He is mine, and He is just enough!”

I lean my head on Him, and it felt like eternity. “This is where I am meant to be, this is my home”, and then He does something to me. I have poured out my heart toward Him, and now it is time for Him to pour out His heart towards me. He lay me down and pours out Himself like a fountain upon me. Then I could feel Him, I could feel the whole of Him, I could feel His joy, His anger, His grief, His frustration, His passion and desire. I am in His heart and He is in my heart.

I just find myself knowing Him, although no words is being said, in fact not a single word needed to be said in this intimate moment. My heart is having intercourse with His heart and I am knowing Him. Just as Adam knew his wife and begot a child, it is a kind of knowing that only takes place on the bed of romance. I am penetrating Him, I am inside of Him, I would laugh in His joy, cry in His grief, groan in His pain, frustration and anger.

We are one, yes we are one, not just in a theological sense but in a very real and experiential way. For years I thought I was the only one experiencing this kind of prayer, because whenever I try telling people about it they look at me strangely. But recently I am beginning to hear other people talk about it, and it’s increasing. The Lord is increasing this experience in his body, he is drawing his bride into the depths of intimacy with him, he is causing us to become one with him.

You must get into the bus, come in and join. I remember a vision of mine where I saw the bride standing before a red curtain, and two angels were standing before her. The angels opened up the curtain, it was the access to the inner chamber, the place of great intimacy with God. The Spirit lift up the bride like a wind, enraptured her, causing her to float right into the inner chamber, where she would now lie with the Lord, know him intimately and become one with him.

This is what the Lord is doing in this last days, he is breeding a people that knows him beyond doctrine and theology, a people who’s intimate knowledge of him has made them become one with him, and the Lord is doing all this through the prayer of the intercourse of the heart. Others may call it by other names, but the name doesn’t really matter, all that matters is the fact that it will revolutionize your relationship with God. Yes, you need to learn this prayer and practice it often, for it will bring you into a real and experiential oneness with your eternal Lover. 

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