Restoring The Life (3); Relationship With God

This post belongs to a series and this is the third of that series. In the second post on the series I focused on spiritual exercises, and how to ensure it is filled with life so that you can get maximum benefit from the exercises. But in this post I would focus on relationship with God. To properly understand this series it is best you read at least the first post on the series. Now many Christians claim they have relationship with God but this relationship is so dead and dry. Let me remind you that the purpose of this series is to restore life to our practice of Christianity because life is what is truly needed for spiritual growth.

What some Christian call relationship with God is nothing but a sense of obligation where they are trying so hard to obey God. If the person is a minister he tries to obey God my doing ministry and following God direction in the ministry. But if the person is not a minister he feels obligated to do certain religious rituals such as read the bible and go to church. And they do all these things so lifelessly, wondering why their relationship with God is so dry. It’s dry because it lack spiritual life, and it lacks spiritual life because emotion is missing, spiritually induce emotions. In the name of being sober (I don’t even think we understand what that word mean) and being serious we have set up a wall against emotion, claiming emotions are only for childish Christian, and as a result we’ve drain the life out of our relationship with God.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” (Mark 12:30).

Here is scripture telling us how relationship with God should be. It should involve love, an emotion, and you must do it with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. This means you should not just obey God simple because you feel obligated to, but you should do it because you love God, you just love obeying Him, it pleases you to obey Him, and you just enjoy obeying Him. Sure your flesh does not like obeying God, but you are not flesh, you are spirit, stop sharing the emotions of the flesh, and stop looking so down because you are obeying God. You are spirit, and in the spirit you are God’s bride, you are caught up in a divine romance—so enjoy it.

Enjoy the divine romance, for you are a bride. A woman does not take care of her husband the same way a servant would. Everything she does comes out of love, they are all expression of the romance. She is obeying her husband and doing all these things for him as an expression of the romance, it is done all out of love. The fire of a human romance may go off, but that of the divine romance never goes off, it burns as fiery as it does when it start. So remove that idea that all those excitement and love is merely suppose to last when you first receive salvation. No, it is supposed to last for eternity, let that fire keep burning; obey God with excitement and joy.

The only one that should not be excited about obeying God is the flesh, but thank God you are not flesh, you don’t need to yield to the feelings of the flesh. Next time God gives you an instruction, no matter how hard it may be, it is only hard on the flesh not you, you are spirit. So don’t yield to the feelings of the flesh, fix your eyes on the spirit, see that you love what God love’s, you want what God wants, you enjoy what God enjoys, and if God wants you to do this thing then teach your heart to want to do it. Sure your flesh doesn’t want to do it, but you are not flesh, and you died to the flesh, so forget about the flesh and how it feels. Focus on the spirit, and begin to tell yourself that if God wants this thing then you also want it, if it pleases God that this be done then it also pleases you. In fact, it pleases you so must that you enjoy doing it, tell yourself this, but also see it with the eyes of your heart, fix your eyes on it, align your heart and feelings with the reality of who you are in the spirit.

You are not a slave to your emotions, you are higher than your emotions, you are seated far above all things, above the flesh and it emotions. So you don’t yield to the emotions of the flesh, you rather bring your heart, mind and emotions captive to the obedience of the reality in Christ. In Christ you are one with God, his will is your will, his way is your way, his pleasure is your pleasure, and now focus on that reality and bring your heart to yield to this reality. Become excited about doing God’s will, just enjoy it, love it, let it be an expression of the divine romance, and your relationship with God would be full of life and become so vibrate that the world would envy what you have.

“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Rom 14:17).

The Kingdom of God means the reign of God, and God reigning over you and giving you instructions is not supposed to look so gloomy. It should be filled with love, peace, joy and excitement. Just enjoy it, enjoy obeying God, see it as an expression of your love for Him, a part of the divine romance.

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” (John 14:15).

We are keeping His commandments because we love Him, we are doing it all out of love. We are not so gloomy and sad looking, we are excited, doing it so lovingly, so romantically, and we are enjoying every bit of it. Yes it may be difficult, but it is so important we do it this way, because only then would we have a life-filled and Spirit-filled Christianity.

And please read the first post on the series to understand what I am trying to communicate.

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