School Of Oneness Community

School Of Oneness Community

Are you a Christian who:

1. desires to know God more intimately


2. desires to meet and fellowship with others of like passion


3. are struggling with a certain sin, and desire to walk in victory


5. wants to become more passionate about God


6. wants to grow in the prophetic and other dimensions of God


7. desires to grow in the knowledge of Christ and learn how to explore (acquire) spiritual knowledge


8. are interested in deeper things such as Christian Mysticism — the true one based on the historical Christian mystical tradition rather than the new age and all of its perversion (learn to differentiate and discern between the authentic/Christ-centered and the perversion)


then join School of Oneness — a Christian online community and equipping platform. It is a community like Facebook where you can meet other Christians, edify each other, write posts, and like and comment (yes, just like Facebook). Together with that, when you join this community, you will get access to participate in various free courses such as the prophetic, priesthood, kingship/sonship, oneness, prophetic creativity and art, victory over sin, the knowledge of Christ, evangelism, and so on. Click to learn more and join.

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