Sons Of God

The concept ‘sons of god’ has existed long before Christianity. Man had always believed that there are beings— supernatural beings who are begotten of god. If you study ancient religion you would hear tale of the sons of god and the amazing things they did. Look at the Greek mythology, Zeus and his children. These are stories of beings that looked just like humans and interact with men but possesses great powers. When the concept ‘sons of god’ is discussed men always talk about and imagine supernatural beings with great powers and abilities. Beings that had supernatural strength, possessing power to heal, to interfere and alter things. Beings that glow with brightness and glory.
These were lesser gods but yet their children are attributed with such power. If the children of these lesser gods are believed to have such great power how much more the children of the Almighty God, the most high. Why do we think the children of the most high should be lesser? When we talk about the children of the Most High God we imagine a group of people carrying a book (the Bible) and going to a house of worship (church) every week. Why is our thinking far lower than that of a common pagan? Why do we think the sons of God should be a powerless and weak group of people?
So narrow minded are we to think being a child of God is about reading Bible, behaving good and going to church. Christianity is not about doing all those religious things; it is about being sons of God. Being sons of God means displaying the power, the beauty and the awesomeness of God in a supernatural way. The life that we have inherited as sons is so rich that it would cause men to be stricken with awe and wonder. It is the most beautiful thing, one man walking in the fullness of this life surpasses all the wonderful tales of the deed of the sons of those pagan gods.
“For the earnest  expectation of the creation eagerly waits  for the manifestation of the sons of God.” (Rom 8:19).
All of creation are eagerly waiting to our wonderful deeds as sons of God. They need to see us manifest this sonship in the power we’ve inherited. Paul was speaking as a son when he said, “I can do all thing”. It is our right to have the ability to do all things, to command mountains to move, seas to dry up, the sky to fall, the dead to live and much more. Doing these things should be normal to us, for we are sons of the Almighty.

Extracted from my newly published book  Apprehended By The Life

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