Spiritual Laws In Christ; Foretaste And Fullness

The understanding of this law is very important in Christianity today because we are currently experiencing this agitation to have the supernatural. We must understand that there are two ways to attain the supernatural. It is either we attain it through foretaste or through fullness. Foretaste is having a taste or an experience of the fullness before you enter into the fullness. It is a temporal experience that you have in a state of immaturity, an experience that is only meant for when you possessed a certain fullness, perfection or mastery in Christ.

It is a tradition of God to give a foretaste before bringing us to fullness. The wisdom behind this is that the foretastes makes us hungry and passionately pursue the fullness. The gifts of the Spirit is a foretaste that God gives us through the Holy Spirit. And the goal is to increase your hunger and cause you to pursue that fullness. When you have a prophetic gift that causes you to experience the prophetic once in a while, soon you will develop an appetite for this experience. Appetite leads to hunger and hunger leads to pursuit. Pursuit leads to growing into maturity and fullness. There is a spiritual law; if you desire something of God earnestly you will have it.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled.” (Matt 5:6).

“When you come looking for me, you’ll find me. Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else,” (Jer 29:13).

“So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.” (Matt 7:11).

As you grows deeply hungry and pursuing it with all of your heart, you would grow and get to a point where you can enter into the prophetic at will. This point is what is called fullness, it is when you have finally possess that dimension of God. In foretaste you do not possess it, it is in the hands of the Holy Spirit, and it only manifest on you whenever the Spirit wants. But in fullness it is now in your possession and you can manifest it at will. The gifts of the Spirit is meant to move you from foretaste to fullness, however some people get stunk in foretaste. They create a theology that it is wrong to manifest the dimensions of God at will, so they refuse to possess the land. I will elaborate will elaborate this principle of foretaste and fullness from scripture.

“The Lord now said to Moses, Send out men to explore the land of Canaan, the land I am giving to the Israelites. Send one leader from each of the twelve ancestral tribes. So Moses did as the Lord commanded him. He sent out twelve men, all tribal leaders of Israel, from their camp in the wilderness of Paran. (Num 13:1-3).

The Israelites were about to possess the land of Canaan—the land of God’s fullness, where they would enjoy the fullness of the covenant promise. Just before they possess the land God asked them to go to the land of promise and explore it. God asked Moses to send one youth from each of the twelve tribes. The twelve youth would represent the whole of Israel and they are to go and have a foretaste of the land i.e. to explore and experience the land even before it became their possession. The whole of Israel, through those youth, would have a foretaste of the land of God’s fullness. Can you see that not everyone will experience foretaste? It is only some chosen ones that will experience it on your behalf—they will represent the others.

This is a picture of the New Covenant as some believers through the Spirit of the Lord can have a foretaste of God’s fullness. Christ is the land of promise, he is the land of God’s fullness (Col 1:19; 2:9). Foretaste is the sovereign work of God as it was God that commanded the people to go explore the land and it was God who made the journey easier and faster. The people that were to experience it were chosen by the sovereign will of God.

“All these gifts have a common origin, but are handed out one by one by the Spirit of God. He decides who gets what, and when.” (1Cor 12:11).

In foretaste it is the Holy Spirit that hand pick the people that would experience it and which dimension of Christ they will experience. Foretaste is totally in the hands of God and it just comes on you without any effort from your side. You just find yourself manifesting certain spiritual abilities. You are not in control of it, it just comes whenever God wills it. This is because in foretaste that thing has not become your possession, you are only experiencing it. But God doesn’t want us to remain in that place, He wants us to possess the things of the Spirit. This way we will be able to manifest it at our own will as mature sons of God.

“Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God.” (1Cor 1:24).

The gift of healing is a foretaste, however Christ is the power of God and anyone who have Christ inside of him can heal the sick. Even if you don’t have the gift of healing, as a normal Christian you can train your faith to heal. You can even train yourself to the point where you heal more people than one who has the gift of healing. Gifts does not come by training, it just comes on you by the Spirit sovereign will. But even though you don’t have the gift, as long as you have Christ in you, you can train your faith until you attain fullness, manifesting great power. Even those who have gifts of the Spirit also need to go for training, because that is the whole essence of the gift. It is there to give you more hunger that will motivate you towards the rigorous process of training.

So whether you have the gift or not, as long as it is a dimension in God, and Christ the fullness of God is in you, then you can build yourself to possess that fullness. Unlike foretaste, fullness takes effort. It took much effort from the children of Israel before they can reach Canaan—the land of God’s fullness. It took 400 years of trying to overcome unbelief and develop faith. Those that cannot nurture and develop faith will never possess the fullness; remember the generation that couldn’t have faith was wiped out. The Israelites had to fight a series of battle while trying to possess the fullness God had promised them. Yes, the promise of the fullness is yours but you must fight to possess it. God has promised every one of us his fullness, not just people with gifts. Those things that those gifts people are manifesting is a foretaste of a fullness that is meant for you. So don’t just sit there, fight to attain that fullness.

This fight is important because of the deadness of the flesh. Death and sin had done serious damage to your flesh, as such it has become dead to the things of God. This is why after developing faith you still need to go through a process. You must conquer the effect of death in your body, you must get your flesh filled with life so that it will be able to access the things of God at will. This process is what I take my student through in the course Oneness With God. Death is separation from God, and life is the way to reuniting with God. The more life you have, the more you become one with God, possessing His fullness. So attaining fullness requires a lot of effort and takes time. All of this helps in developing character.

That process of waiting, pressing and being broken would help to develop your character. Waiting requires brokenness and emptiness. Those who are full of themselves cannot wait, but if you must wait then you must be broken. Yes, the process of attaining fullness helps to develop character. And we are tired of seeing gifted men without character. This is why I don’t use or teach impartation. Impartation is a way of entering into foretaste. Impartation is spiritual abilities coming upon you through another member of Christ body. It just came on you, you did not grow into it, you did not press and wait, it is a foretaste.

While foretaste is good, we must all press for fullness. Yes, even after attaining foretaste you must press till you possess the fullness. There are many people that attain the supernatural through foretaste but overtime it develop into fullness. But sadly they do not know the difference, they did not know that what they first had was foretaste which later developed into fullness. Anyway, the reason why all this knowledge is coming out today is so we do not become overly dependent on gifts of the Spirit and impartation.

Christ is the fullness of God, whether gift or no gift, impartation or no impartation, you can possess the fullness of God as long as you are in Christ. Trust me, this is not just a theory. I have taken people who never had any prophetic gift, and I brought them to become prophetic people. This thing is empirical, and it is practical. It has been proven, it is a law. We all have access to God’s fullness, and we should press till we possess it.

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