Spiritual Laws In Christ; Intimacy

The goal of the New Covenant is to make God one with man through Christ. It is a union, a marriage between God and man, through Christ and his bride. Yes, Christ representing God and the bride representing man. All this means that the new creation reality is a reality of the union between God and man. Hence, everything in this new creation is interwoven with this law of union. This means in your interaction with anything in the reality in Christ (anything at all) you will confront the law of union.

Let me put it this way; the new creation is Christ and you are married to Christ. You are married to this new creation, you are married to everything in this new creation. In previous posts I explained that the old creation (this natural world) is a shadow of the new creation. So using the natural world as a symbol of the new creation, let’s say there are trees, water, land, and all these things in new creation (actually those things represent certain realities in the new creation). This would mean you are married to the land, you are the bride of the trees, you are in matrimonial union with the water.

Yes, you are married to everything in the new creation, every reality present there. If righteousness is a reality in the new creation then you are married to righteousness. You are married to grace, faith, holiness, healing, joy, peace, providence, sufficiency, wisdom, strength, discipline, self-control, power, knowledge, etc. And marriage is all about intimacy, it is your duty to be intimate with whoever you are married to. So if you are married to the reality in Christ than you have a duty to nurture intimacy with this reality.

It is important we grasp this law because many preacher teach about how to get wisdom, power, faith, providence, etc. without teaching intimacy. When you ignore this law of intimacy and you are trying to get something from God you will end up in manipulation. Yes, that is exactly what these preacher teach, they teach the body of Christ how to manipulate God. Even in the natural world we see this law of intimacy at play. If you are trying to get something from somebody while pretending you are his friend, then you are actually manipulating that person.

You make God believe you are his bride, yet you won’t get intimate with him, you are only after what you would get from him. You are using God, and you are likely to dump him at any moment. Yes, that is what happens when we teach people to go after God because of what they want to get from him. They will definitely dump him one day because they are not committed to the relationship. In this relationship God will bring you to the cross at some point, but if you are not committed you won’t be able to go far in the relationship. There was this peom I wrote about my experience of the cross. It goes like this;

“I feel so drawn by my Lord and I gravitate towards his beauty. But as I proceed there seems to be this heaviness, where does it come from? It kept slowing me down until I can’t move anymore. It is my flesh, and I could hear my Lord saying “die here or go no further with me”. The fear of death grip me and I tried to run but his love pulled me back. His love tightened its clutch over me and brought me to the cross. How can a love so sweet and so soft now turn into these huge nails that holds me firm on the cross…”

It was this intimacy, this love, that held me on that cross. If not for the intimacy I have developed with God, if not for how emotionally attached I am to God, I would have avoided the cross, I would have stopped at that junction in my walk with God when he was calling me to go further with him. In your pursuit to grow in the power of God, you will come to a point where you have to face the cross in order to go deeper with the Lord. But those who do not have intimate, who have not become emotionally attached, they will experience difficulty trying to cross this point. They won’t be able to move beyond it.

This goes for every reality in Christ, be it knowledge, grace, the prophetic, the supernatural, wisdom, providence, and so on. At a point in your growth in every one of these things you will face the cross. And this cross comes in different measures and sizes. The first cross you may experience in that journey may not be that deep, but the next after that would be deeper. And if you pass that too, you will still encounter another cross along the journey that is even far more deeper. And the only thing that can help you pass all of this cross is the level of your intimacy, the measure by which you are emotionally attached.

“Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God… For it is not from man that we draw our life but from God as we are being joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. And now he is our God-given wisdom, our virtue, our holiness, and our redemption.” (1Cor 1:24,30).

So to grow in anything in Christ you must start developing intimacy with that thing. Become intimate with wisdom, for Christ is your wisdom. Get intimate with the power of God because the power of God is a person, he is your Bridegroom. Learn intimacy with this nature of God in you, otherwise you will struggle to grow into God’s nature. Yes, when you come to that point where the cross is presented to you, you will stop there and say you are satisfied. But if you are madly in love with righteousness, you will not allow the cross stop you. You will pay the price, do whatever is required of you so that you will be able to continue that love walk with your lover.

You will not be satisfied with that measure of power, you will embrace the cross so that you will continue in this love walk with the power of God. Your growth will continue endlessly depending on the depth of intimacy you have with that reality. Some Christians are so in love with Christ the Truth that they will give anything for him. They will burn all the knowledge, doctrines and theologies they have been building all their lives, if it required of them. They will give anything at all just to continue to walk with the Truth and know him intimately. For they are in love with him, he is their Bridegroom.

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