The Adventure Of Walking With God

The moment you become born again your were placed on a path and right there an adventure began. Oh how religion quickly swoop in like an ugly vulture, and snatch us away from that path, leaving us stranded in the land of confusion.

But let us rewind the time and see how things are supposed to play out without the intervention of religion. We got born again and became a completely new person, with a whole new life ahead of us. A baby that is supposed to grow into a grand design that fits perfectly into the body of Christ and into God’s Eternal Purpose.

That very moment God begins a very unique work in you. So He invites you into a walk — a walk that will bring you to maturity. The pride of every father is to see his baby grow into something beautiful and glorious. Yes, the fullness that you are to grow into is glorious and amazing, something that will make the Father really proud.

He looks at you and He sees His grand design; He sees the completeness and the fullness from that very stage of beginning, and He is already proud. But as you know, a walk with Him is needed to get to that fullness. This is not a time to be wondering up and down in confusion, get into that walk with Him.

In this walk He sets you on a path providing His Spirit to guide you through that path. He is so sure of your success in this adventure because He has placed His Son in you. The moment you keep faithful to that path and persist in it He reveals Himself to you.

Yes, the secret of having God revealing Himself to you is keeping to that path which is Christ himself. Within that path lies all the revelation needed for you to complete the adventure. As you continue on this path you will come across revelations of him, encounters with the living God, even very supernatural and unique moments.

Each time you meet this it is to give you a revelation of His will, or to alter a course, to set you straight, or to give you speed or a little push, whatever it is, it is always important. Sometimes our blindness makes us pass through it without really noticing it or gaining what needed to be gained from it.

Sadly the devil snatches some of these things from us by placing people in our lives that will tell us, “Oh no! That encounter is from the devil, rebuke it”. They will tell you all kinds of things, put into your head all the wrong teachings, and they may actually mean well.

But look at yourself again and where you stand. Are you standing on Christ, are you being guided by the Spirit, his your heart truly sincere, are you placing yourself in utter submission to God? If the answer is positive then you don’t need to fear. You cannot toss yourself in the hands of God and have Him mislead you. Trust in the good Shepherd that leads you.

Decipher that revelation, draw from it what is needed and continue on the path. Sometimes it may take years to finish deciphering a revelation, sometimes it might require a series of other revelation to help you decipher it. But however it may be just continue the walk with God, don’t get stuck at a point. It’s a very risky thing to do, for the Spirit is a moving Spirit.

Sometimes we journey out of this path to go have some fun in the flesh, but this quenches the fire and makes things more difficult. We must contend to remain on the path and as we continue we gain more experience and become more and more mature. You started as a baby but now you are becoming a man, growing in the status of Christ.

Yes maturity, that is the Father’s desire for you, and you will have to face a lot to get there. You will come across really tough times — times so tough you will think you have reached your end. But you have to keep going, one step at a time, no matter how hard it is. Whatever challenges you face, they are all meant to bring you to maturity. So focus on that, focus on the glory ahead.

“We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.” (Heb 12:2).

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