The Body Of ‘The Prophet’

This post is a part of a series on the prophetic and in the previous posts we discussed that Christ is the prophet; he is the essence, the meaning, the purpose and the reality of that which we call ‘prophet’. If you haven’t read the previous posts you can find it listed below this post. Now, Jesus is the first prophet, the one promised by God from the beginning of the era of the Prophets. But before he came God had to use human prophets and these prophets stand as a prefigure of the real and original Prophet, which is Christ. God only needed human prophet because His Word hasn’t gotten a body, but now the Word has become flesh and tabernacled with us. God now has His Word on earth, and this is all thanks to the body that His Word has gotten. The Word is the Prophet, he has gotten a body of his own and he no longer needs human vessels to help declare him on earth. Through this body that he has acquired he can now walk the earth, he can freely express himself by himself. He can unveil God himself by freely being himself, living his life.

“Jesus answered: “Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?” (John 14:6).

Right now Jesus has left in the flesh but he didn’t leave with his body. He still has his body present on earth, he still walk the earth, using every opportunity to unveil God. The body of the Prophet is here on earth, it is the Church. Jesus is the fulfillment of both the Law and the Prophets (Luke 24:44), this means that just as the Law ended with Jesus, the Prophet also ended in Jesus. When the real prophet came the shadows and the prefigures were no longer need. The purpose of the prophet was fulfilled and there is no longer any need for any prophet. Now somebody may ask, why is there still the prophetic minister? This question would be discussed properly in another post, all I can say right now is that the new testament prophet was not really meant to prophecy to us but to build the rest of the body of the Prophet (Christ) so that we can reach the fullness of the Prophet, being able to express the Prophet (Christ) in his fullness.

The purpose of a body is to express the person onto glory. What do you seek as a person? You want to be able to freely express yourself in your body. In your human body, you seek to express the fullness of yourself to the fullest, you want the real you to shine fort through that body that the world may behold your glory. This is what the Prophet (Christ) wants for his body (the Church), he wants that his body express him to the fullest. He wants every member of his body to be alive enough to express his prophetic nature, because this is who he is, he is the Prophet. And we are the body of the Prophet, the vessel by which the Prophet expresses his nature and unveils God that the world might behold the beauty and glory of the Father.

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