The Church Is Alive

Jesus said he that we might have life (John 10:10). He didn’t come so that we might have a religion. Everything pertaining to the Christian is life. Christianity is not a religion; it is not a system of belief. Christianity is simply Christ’s life being expressed. So also, the Church is not a religious term. When the Bible talks about the Church as a woman it wasn’t a metaphor. There is a huge difference between a spiritual object and a metaphoric one.
The Church is not some abstract concept; it is not a metaphor. The Church is a spiritual reality that is alive. The Church is alive just like every other living being. She has a mind of her own and a unique stature. She is perfect and she has no sin in her. She came out of Christ and she is utterly Christ. This woman exist in the spirit but must be manifested in the natural.
However, the natural is filled with sin and death. Even the flesh we put on is dead. Death war against life and as such the flesh war against the Spirit (Gal 5:17). The Church which is spiritual must be expressed in this world that is hostile to the Spirit of life. We are called to be the Church here on earth. Hence we must break through the hindrances set up by sin, death and the flesh.
Just as we are already complete in Christ, we are perfect and we are already in heaven sitting with God, so also the Church is perfect and she is in heaven. As Christians we are called to be who we already are, to express that perfect you, begotten of God and sitting up in heaven. So also the Church on earth is meant to be that heavenly woman, beautiful, perfect and blameless.
This woman is alive, she already exist in eternity (heaven), we are called to allow her express herself here in time (this world). She is the glory of God and she is meant to enter into time and display her beauty so that man might behold God’s glory. This world have been overcome by death and to enter into this world she must break through death with all its defenses.
We are called to be the Church i.e to express the bride of Christ. She must be manifest here in this world. We must break through death and overcome it so that the world can see the bride of Christ as she truly is in eternity. Right now the world sees not very much of her because there is still a lot of death covering her, she must break from this covering. Yes, we are still very much carnal, still involve in a lot of dead works and as such the world can’t see the beauty of Christ’s bride.
The bride is incurably attractive, she is magnetic and one cannot look at her and not be drawn to her. Oh, that we may abandon our dead works, so that she might break forth and unveil the glory of God. Every effort of the flesh to do the things of God must be condemned. Man is dead and death can only produce death. There is nothing man can do to help, our talents, our skills, our ability will do no good. We must put all that aside and we must learn to die. There must be nothing of us, Christ must be all in all. We must be emptied of ourselves and we must learn to wait on God. Let Him take hold of us and when every trace of death is swept away then the Church would burst forth in brilliant light, liberating every soul and putting darkness to flight. 
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