The Creativity Of The Creator And The Sons; Rich In Beauty

This is the second part of a topic I started on creativity. As I walk with God and study Him there are just things that I see about Him, things that amaze me, and I wonder why I don’t see it in those that are called His children. In the previous post I focused on the diversity in His creativity. How God could take one thing and be creative about it in infinite diverse ways. But God is not just good at creating things in such diverse ways, He is also good at creating things in such pleasant ways.

“The LORD God made all sorts of trees grow up from the ground—trees that were pleasant to the sight and that produced delicious fruit.” (Gen 2:9).

He creates things that are pleasant to the eyes, pleasant to the taste bud, pleasant to the nose, pleasant to the hears, and pleasant in all ways. He is not just a genius in diversity, He is also a genius at making things great, making them stand out. Look at the amazing world around you and the it beauty, for something like this to come out from one’s imagination, it’s genius.

Oh, I wish we have sons who have inherited the nature of this genius Creator. Wait, we do have sons, we are all His sons and we all have His nature. Wow, this means we should be seeing this kind of creativity among each other. We should be good at making things that stand out, things that people can’t just ignore, things that are irresistibly attractive.

I get disappointed when I watch Christian movies, I feel we can be more creative than that. I see God, I see how creative He is, and I am expecting a lot from His sons but when I look I end up seeing something less than among us. I love fantasy stories, because of the level of creativity found in it, but Christians don’t have much of such movies. It’s like our imagination is just limited to quoting bible verses, it is just so disappointing.

The only fantasy Christian story I enjoy is Prigrim Progress. I mean, the way concepts of the Christian life were just scattered all over in such creative ways that it is able to unveil the mystery of the Christian life. Anyway, I don’t read much fiction so who am I to judge, maybe there are really good Christians fantasy fiction stories out there. I just wish we have things that stand out, things that even unbelievers cannot resist, things that the whole world would be talking about (presently in the world there is so much talk about Games Of Thrones). Can we have something that catches that much attention, something that capture (captivate) people’s soul and bury it into the concepts of the reality of Christ, even if it is just for two hours. A lot can happen in two hours.

I just believe we can do more, we can tap into that creativity of our Father and come up with things that would shake the world. Humans are humans, and they know good things when they see it, they are drawn to good things as a moth is drawn to a light. How come the sons of God are lack in this level of creativity? How can the world beat us in creativity, they are supposed to be learning from us, we have direct access to the Creator Himself.

Religion has totally killed us; it has killed our life, killed our creativity. We have left our creativity unexplored to go do religion, it is so sad. I long for the day when I would see Christians leading in anything creative in this world. Let us reach out into God and bring out such creativity that would blow people’s minds away, things that would totally wow the world.

Well, you may say that is not our calling, we are to preach the gospel to the world blah blah blah. Who told you the gospel of Christ can only be preached through sermons? Our Father created the world to speak of Him, day and night they utter speech in their diverse ways (Psa 19:1-3). What makes you think we can only do it through verbal words. Oh, such limited thinking, we are not acting like the sons of the Creator. I just pray in this generation true sons would rise, those who have tasted of the Father and are impacted with His genius creativity.

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