The Divine Passion

With a reckless passion God had pursued his woman form eternity to here. His desire is for this woman and he must have her. Oh, aren’t you hearing it? The whisper in your heart, wooing you, pulling you to come closer to the Lord. This is how Jesus explained this whisper, “For no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them to me” (John 6:44). Yes, he draws his bride with whispers of romantic urges. That sweet pulling melts our souls, breaks all our resistance, causes our heart to race faster, beating to the rhythm of a reckless passion. And we suddenly begin to develop a desire for intimacy with God.

We could hear our soul crying, “I want to want you, Lord”. All the noise in this world could not drown this cry. For it continue  to grow becoming louder and louder as he touches us, arousing in us a passion with his sweet caresses. We feel the magnet of his seduction and we cannot resist. He is incurably attractive. All of the wiles of the devil can not hold us back. Yes we struggle, we feel like we are turn into two. One part desiring to remain in the world and the other part desiring to go deeper with the Lord. But his love is strong and our heart is beginning to burn with a passion for him.
“Could there be more?”, the question poses itself in our thought. We feel drawn to a deep we never knew existed. This pulling causing us to be dissatisfied with our present relationship with God. We ask, “is this all that there is?” Something keep telling you, “there have to be more”. It is a desire for deeper intimacy with God, a passion for the divine romance. “Oh come Lord, take me with you. Let us run away together, let me drink of you and lose myself in love…”  I know that cry, it lies deep  in the heart of every member of the bride. I know  it  is there for sure because it is the effect of his seduction.

Do you recognize this cry, have you notice it, have you feel the impression of it existence? Then respond to it, let yourself fall into the bed of the divine romance. For our Lord is calling, he is calling for a greater intimacy.

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