The Ecclesia; Practicing A Government

We think that Jesus’s plan was to has church (house of worship). That’s why we are so focus on doing house of worship and religion. But Jesus didn’t say he wanted church (house of worship), he said he wants ecclesia (a government). And the Jews (the first Christians were all Jews) immediately understood what he had in mind.

Yes, the body of the King (Jesus) is the government, just as we have a body of government in Nigeria which includes the federal, local and, state government, and even the senate, they are all part of the body of government. The ecclesia is the body of government of the Kingdom of heaven.

The disciples understood that Jesus wasn’t talking about building churches. In fact, that idea never came to their mind. The way he said it even revealed his intentions. The first time Jesus said the word “ecclesia”, the next thing that followed it was, “And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven.” (Matt 16:19). It’s clear here that he was talking about an actual government.

The point I am trying to make is that the Israelites were not waiting for a religion, they already had a religion called Judaism. God didn’t promise them another religion, He promised them a kingdom and a government. And when Jesus said he shall build his ecclesia (government), he wasn’t talking about a religious system, but an actual government. We need to do away with this religious mentality and start seeing ourselves as a government and take up the responsibility of a government.

It is because of this religious mentality that makes us feel that our responsibility is going to church, watching some people perform on the altar, singing and dancing along. No, you are a government, the work of the government is not to sing, dance and get entertained. We have a responsibility, we need to stop being so lazy and carried away with the struggle for survival and making money.

We cannot abandon our kingdom and governmental responsibility. It’s sad, we’ve left our kingdom in ruins to tend to the things of the world. At one time the Lord gave me a vision of the state of His Kingdom on earth. It’s in ruins, it looked so abandoned, so neglected, because those who are supposed to govern it refuse to take up their responsibilities.

Like what is happening in Nigeria today, the government does not care, they are just busy squandering the country’s money and enjoying their lives. We need to take up our responsibility. Stop being so selfish, thinking only about yourself. You have a responsibility to a kingdom. Just as the government are not there for themselves, they are there for the people. So also, you are not there so that God would prosper you and you enjoy life. You have a responsibility to the kingdom.

At first the disciples didn’t understand the relationship between the body of Christ and the nation of Israel. In fact, they still thought that the Kingdom of heaven would be confined to the boundaries of the nation of Israel. But Jesus plan was to fill the whole universe (including all creation both in the spirit and in the natural). And then the body of the King (Christ) would be the government of the vase and ever expanding Kingdom.

The universe is ever expanding, and that is how God wants his kingdom to be. We can see this in the shadow of the nation of Israel. The land that God gave the Israelites was ever expanding. They could expand it as far as they want to, it all depends on the people. So God wants to have an ever expanding kingdom that continues to expand with the universe, as govern by the ecclesia (us).

What does government do? They make laws, they determines the law that governs things. If you look at the universe, everything is governed by laws. What scientists do is to discover these laws, understand them and manipulate them (use them for their own advantage). But the plans that God has for us is not to manipulate laws but to determine laws.

The ecclesia is the government of the Kingdom of heaven, and someday this kingdom will fill the whole universe, then as government we would be the ones determining the laws. We can just decide that instead of planets to be orbiting round their stars (sun), they should be orbiting zigzag. We can decide to even change the law of gravity and make everything on earth be floating

Rick Joyner mentioned how God told him that some people would be assigned to govern certain galaxy. I don’t know how true that is, but if it is true then these people would be the ones determining the laws of the planetary bodies, the gasses or atmosphere, and even the law of life on those galaxies. So we would be ruling all of creation, both the spiritual and the natural

Yes we are sons of God. What do you expect that sons of God do? Sit around and sing hallelujah all day? No, angels are there for that. Sons of God do god stuff, they create and govern life, they oversee the cosmos. They rule from an heavenly throne. It seems we don’t understand that we are co-creators

“Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” (Heb 1:14).
We are the government, while the angels are the ministering spirit, or I can put it this way, they are the ministers. These ministering spirits are assigned to each government to excuting the laws that they give.

There was this vision I had at one time. I met this angel who asked me to ascend a mountain (mountains signifies seats of power or government). It took great difficulty but I ascended the mountain, and there I met this angel that was assign to execute every of my command. What I am trying to point out is that, at the seat of government we are assign angels to be our ministers in the area we are supposed to govern.

So we see this already playing out in this age, we are assigned with angels to execute our orders. That is how it would be in the world to come, we as the government having angels ministering under us, carrying out our orders as we rule over the universe.

One thing I would like to point out is that there are levels of government. Even in our country we see that there is federal government, state government, and local government, all at different levels of responsibility. So also there are those who would govern a galaxy, then some would govern a solar system, while some would govern a planet—different levels of government

For those who don’t know, the universe is made up of many galaxies, and each of these galaxies are made up of several solar systems, and each of these solar systems are made up of several planets. So you get the point, just like federal, state and local government. The level of responsibility and government that you will be assigned depends on how you have lived your Christian life in this age

Look at the parable of the talents. Those servant that were faithful in the talent they were given were rewarded with great responsibility. You can’t be given great responsibility when you are not faithful to your calling here on earth. It sad that many Christians don’t even know what there calling is, many don’t even care they are too busy with life to even give attention to such things

You will be shocked that day after you have wasted your life on earth indulging the flesh and doing whatever you like. You will wish you have pursued God, chase after His will for your life and fulfill it to the fullness. When you do not show loyalty and faithfulness to the kingdom in this age how can you expect God to give you greater responsibilities in age to come

We only think about now, we don’t consider the future. We do not reason that this age is very short but the age to come is eternal. So what does it benefit you if you enjoy to the fullest in this age that is very short then become insignificant in the age to come.

Life right now is our opportunity to attain greatness in the age to come. God is a God of justice, He doesn’t do partial. You can’t be irresponsibility now, claiming that grace is covering you, and then expect that there would be no consequences in the age to come.

What God intend for us in this age is to start learning what we would be doing in the age to come. It is in this age we would start developing the skills to rule. We are being given the chance in this age to practice in a small scale the things we would be doing when the whole universe becomes filled with the Kingdom.

In this age we are to become so filled with the life (the kingdom) to the extent that this life overshadows the environment around us. We are a community and a government, and each ecclesia exists in a locality. These ecclesia are meant to become so filled with the reign of Christ that the locality where they exist would become overshadowed by Christ’s reign

When this happens the ecclesia of that locality will ascend as the spiritual government of that locality. Yes, we are to take dominion of the locality where we exist and start exercising governmental power. This is what Jesus said we should do, “And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven.” (Matt 16:19).

Whatever the ecclesia of a locality permit or forbid in that locality would be permitted and forbidden in heaven. They are not meeting to just sing and dance, they are meeting to make laws and exercise governmental power in their locality. They are to make the spiritual laws that would be governing everything in that local.

There are spiritual laws that when installed would begin to direct and control every activities in that place. The ecclesia would not just make the laws, they would also oversee every spiritual activity in that locality. Nothing spiritual would happen in that area without their notice. In fact, they are to ascend to such authority that even the witches would come and collect permission before they can do anything in that area

See, Christianity is not meant to be individualistic. We are too individualistic, we only think about how to fight the witches in our individual families. When we recognize that we are an ecclesia and come together in love we would attain such authority that we can do anything. There is tremendous power when we come together in love and agree on a thing. We would be able to install laws, and pull down thrones

There are forces that govern certain areas, demonic princes that exact influence on the people in that area so that anyone that comes into that area would just find that they are tending towards particular immoral behavior. But once an ecclesia is planted there she supposed to dethrone those demonic princes and and take over spiritual government in that area, setting new spiritual laws that would disciple the people into Christ

When there is an ecclesia in every locality, and each ecclesia is ascending into authority in their locality, then together we can disciple a nation in godliness. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,” (Matt 28:19).
“Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations” (Psa 2:8). It is only when we work in unity and love that we can take a whole nation.

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