The Fellowship In Finances

In my previous article I mentioned fellowshiping with God to make wealth and here I would give more explanation to that. The cross is the gate way to anything Christian. Christianity does not exist before the cross but after the cross. This means, in order to enter into Christianity you must pass through the cross. To experience anything Christian you must taste the death of the cross. We are called into the fellowship of Christ; to partake and share together with Christ all that is of Christ.
“Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honour, glory and blessings.” (Rev 5:12).
Our Christ — this Lamb was slain — pass through the cross so the we might have power, wealth and so on. We are called to partake in everything that this Christ has. We are called to fellowship with Christ in his power, his wealth, his wisdom, his strength, his honour, his glory and his blessings. We are called to partake in the victory over death — yes, victory over powerlessness, poverty, foolishness, weakness, shame, obscurity and over every curse. These are death but he has come to give us life, abundance life over these death. We are called to fellowship in his riches.
Now what does this mean, to fellowship in his wealth? We are talking about fellowshiping with God in your finances. Instead of you going about your finances in your own way you should involve the Lord. Fellowship with him, let him teach you to make wealth. Talk to him let him empower you by the Spirit that you might birth wonderful business ideas. Yes, he wants to be involved in every area of your life, he wants you to rely on him for everything. That you might find no sufficiency in yourself  and he should be all your sufficiency, the one you always lean on.

This fellowship is all about relationship, intimacy and submission, for he is our Lord. Financial prosperity is not about having God bless whatever you are doing. But it is about coming into this fellowship where the Lord personally teaches you to make and handle wealth. He is Lord  he calls the shot not us. We do not do whatever we like and ask that he blesses it, rather he leads us all the way. The Lord is more committed to that which he leads us into. 

To experience this fellowship you must have pass through the cross. You must have been stripped of everything, emptied and taught to depend completely of God. You must have been stripped of all your desire, your pursuit, your ambition, your lust etc and you must have been taught to want nothing, desire nothing, pursue nothing, live for nothing and be satisfied with nothing but Christ. Remember he was slain to receive… wealth, therefore you must also come into the fellowship of his death (being conformed to his death) before you can come into the fellowship of his riches.
In this fellowship we must be submissive as he teaches us to make wealth. And in this fellowship we learn that every wealth we’ve made belongs to God and He alone decide what to do with it, for we died and this is now his life (he was the one that won the wealth through his death).

This is a beautiful fellowship as we partake of God and be caught up in adoration of His diverse and miraculous ways of demonstrating His blessings. Here we learn of Him, we are amazed of his ways and filled with awe of what He can do. We also enjoy God’s love for us and through us to the many suffering and afflicted by death. Yes, we enjoy receiving life from the Father and pouring out this life to the world.

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