The Fellowship In The Inner Chamber

What goes on the inner chamber is the greatest of intimacy. It is what God desire from us and it is what God has called us for. The role of the woman in the inner chamber is most important in a marriage and the Church is God’s woman, His bride. This is who we are as Christians, we are created for the fellowship in the inner chamber. Christianity is all about the fellowship in the inner chamber – it is a call for deep intimacy with divinity. But yet many Christian do not experience the inner chamber.
Only in the inner chamber would you find God in exposure. Christianity is a life in the inner chamber, yet most Christian spend most of their Christian life outside the inner chamber. Outside the inner chamber you would only find God wrapped up like a modest lady in a decent dress. You can’t see or have the whole of her until get her into the inner chamber where you would discover the riches of her beauty. You can only discover the riches of God in the inner chamber. And God is immeasurable rich, there is no end to the depth of His riches.

Oh! That Christians may desire the fellowship of the inner chamber. Yes you can fellowship with God outside the inner chamber. But there is a limit to how much of God you can get outside. Go with Him into the inner chamber and you would find the riches of God’s love, the riches of His grace, the riches of His righteousness, the riches of His wisdom and knowledge, the riches of is power and the riches of His glory. Yes, you would find the riches of God inside where He lay naked and exposure. And His nakedness is incurably attractive as it pulls us in the fellowship of great intimacy, this wild and passionate intercourse.
Have you ever thought to yourself, “their have to be more of God that I must experience”. That thought is a product of an huge for the fellowship that goes on in the inner chamber. You tired of experiencing God outside the inner chamber? Then press in until you get to the inside and enjoy that sweet fellowship, it is worth killing for.

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