The Forgotten Woman

I see a woman in distress, she have been forgotten by her very own children. She isn’t just any woman but the only woman, the most important woman in all of eternity. In fact she is the only real woman. She is the model of beauty and perfection. Her glory pulls one into deep fascination. One could get lost in eternity at the gaze of her beauty. She is such a pleasure to look upon and also in her lies the solution that the world have been searching for. She is the end of all the suffering and pain, all the violence and immorality, all the depression and frustration. Oh the world is in desperate need of her but here she lies, forgotten. 
For her beauty is too expensive. She is a treasure with such a great price, too expensive for men to afford, and they search for another alternative. They abandoned her, they left her forgotten. They thought they can get a substitute for her. But they have met impervious impossibility, for there is no other but her. Men in their foolishness continue to wonder and search for an alternative, they have gotten lost in a futile and endless search. Her children thought they could build something to replace her. But nothing could replace her, nothing can even come close to matching her glory and power. But her children couldn’t bring themselves to pay the price that would win her. She remains there forgotten and abandoned, her glory and beauty hidden from men all because of the refusal to pay the price. But she is worth it, she is far far worth it, but foolishness won’t allow men recognize that. 
Who has gotten his eyes open? Who is awakened to see her worth? Who had estimated her value? Who would pay the price with gladness? For she is the only solution, she is such a pleasure, such a beauty. Who have seen her forgotten face? Who have been captivated by her beauty? She lay awaiting… yes waiting for her worth to be discovered. Awaiting for a people who would search her out, who would pay the price to see her planted firm upon the surface of this earth. 
This woman is non other than the Church. Oh, we think we have the Church? If only you know this woman you would realize she is scarcely on earth. Yes, she is forgotten and what we have today is man’s effort to duplicate a glory that can only be gotten through the cross.

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