The Frustrated Bride

I saw her, I saw my Lord’s bride. Oh, such beauty, for she is clothed in the glory of God and bathed with the fragrance of His present. God presence is real and powerful in her. Who could resist are beauty, all those who hate her could not resist singing her praise. Yes her beauty is enchanting and her fragrant intoxicate the soul. Who could look at her face and not have their heart melting within them. Her eyes pierced into the heart of men and capture their soul. 
I was made to look upon her. All this while she was there and I never really saw her, I never notice her. I was just too blind. But my Lord has made me look upon her, oh just one look and I fell in love. But she didn’t stay long, she left so quickly. How I hunger to see her again, I go to churches and I fellowship with the brethren but I hardly see her. She only flashes herself; she appears and immediately disappear into the crowd — yes, the crowd of believer’s carnality. I learnt she always want to stay, in fact she wants to make her home here. But there is no ground for her here. The lands are too harden for her to be rooted in them. She has no hold among God’s people, no place to pitch her tent. And I look at her face and saw that beautiful face overwhelmed with sadness and frustration. My heart is pierced with grief, and I can hear my soul crying, “HOW COME!”
She is suppose to sit on the highway showcasing her beauty for the world to see and acknowledge the greatness of her Lord. She is suppose to be the pride and boasting of her bridegroom – a testimony of his glory. But she is hidden from the eyes of men, all because the land where she suppose to be planted have not be tilled, instead it have been overtake by wild plant. She have been deprived of her garden, her home. Who would till the land? Who would prepare the garden? Who would give her a home, right here among God’s people? Why have we refused to give her a hold on earth! She exists already in Christ, but has almost no manifestation of herself here on earth.

The people of God gather together but they don’t know how to church, instead they get engross in activities and programs. They thought they Could bring God’s presence on earth by themselves; by their activities and all their works. Without her they can do nothing, for God’s presence resides in her. Who would seek for the bride of Christ? Who would put an end to her frustration?

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