The God Who Loves To Show-off

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.” (John 14:12).

We are sons of a greater God, we should have greater deeds. The story of our lives should surpass those of the gods of Greek mythologies or any other myths. This is exactly what Jesus meant when he said we are to do greater works. We are to shake the whole earth, we are little gods on earth. We are begotten of the Almighty. People think God is too humble; He doesn’t like to show off. That’s not true, looking at the Old Testament you would see a God who hardens Pharaoh’s heart just so He can have enough opportunity to show how might and terrible He is. There is a dry land, a road from Egypt to Canaan. But no, God had to bring the Israelite to Canaan through the red sea. Of course He wants to show off by splitting the red sea and causing the Israelite to walk on a dry ground right at the bottom of a sea.

There is no argument about it, God love to show off and He wants to do it through His Children. He desire to show off through you and I. He wants to reveal to the world the riches of His power and His love. He wants to show how great and mighty He is and that is why He puts millions and millions of His sons here on earth. The sons of God walk on earth to display the greatness of the Almighty. They are to cause the world to be stricken with awe at the sight of the greatness of God as revealed through them. Millions of people now carry the life of the Almighty inside of them. The whole earth ought to be shaking by now. We are meant to break the barriers of impossibility and bring the reality of heaven on earth.

Christ is no longer one man; he is now a whole body of millions of people. While on earth Jesus was limited because he had only one body. He was just one man, yet he shocks the whole of Israel. This Jesus has now expanded, for the same life that he carries millions of people now has it. The body of Christ is all over the earth. We should be hearing news of incredible deeds. The Jews testified that the early Christians were turning the world upside down. That is how great the life of Christ is, we have limited ourselves for to long, we have limited the life of Christ. We have grown too afraid of expressing the fullness that is in us. It is time we stop holding back, for all of creation eagerly await the manifestation of the sons.

Extracted from the book, “Apprehended By The Life

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