The Greatness Of His Salvation

“At that time, this song will be sung in the country of Judah: We have a strong city, Salvation City, built and fortified with salvation.” (Isa 26:1).
Man have always been looking for a safe haven were they can be protect from evil. We desire a place of peace and liberty. Look into history, what is the reason behind all those war, crisis, revolutions and conquering of lands? For what reason do men kill themselves, risks their lives and all that they have, even go out of our way to cause so much upheave? The reason and the truth behind all of these is that man crave for salvation. Salvation simply means to be delivered from the land or a state of oppression into a land of peace, security and liberty. Through out all the ages we hear the cry for freedom, peace and protection – that is nothing but the desperation for salvation. Even in our modern days, all the talk about change of government, electing a better president that would save people, moving to a better country with greener pasture and so on, it is all about salvation. Oh! How great is our hunger, our desire and our desperation for salvation, we would do anything for salvation sake. It is salvation we desire and we must get, so we put all our resources together and focus them on getting salvation.
The rich would give out all his wealth for a taste of salvation, a relieve from all of his problems. The intellectuals put together all there knowledge just to produce salvation; the strong gather their strength together and try to win salvation; the engineers and architects put together their resources to plan and construct salvation and the strategist explore all their strategies, methods and techniques but yet man still suffer from lack of salvation. We just couldn’t get the salvation we desire. We may get something that look like salvation and feels like salvation but it is dead. Yes, dead salvation, inferior salvation, deformed salvation is as far as we could go. Well, we try to manage want we can get but we continue to suffer from that hunger for true salvation.
And then out of nowhere came Christ our salvation. At last! This is it, this is what we had searched so rigorously for, what we’ve crave desperately for. And all our effort to buy, to produce, to construct, to strategize and to win this salvation, all brought to nothing, turned into a heap of waste in the attempt to get it. This is it, and we’ve almost given up, thinking that such a salvation doesn’t exist. Oh! such great a salvation, so pure and true. It offers the greatest of protection, the greatest of peace and the greatest of liberty. There is prosperity in this land of salvation, healing, joy and happiness is in much abundance. Such priceless treasure, if only we understood how great a salvation freely given to us then we do anything, give anything and risks everything to enjoy the fullness of this salvation.

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