The Gushing Love

I have tasted of the love of God, I and been encapsulated in the fire of His burning passion. I have be struck down by that wild and reckless love. Yes, I have been overtaken by the mighty waves of God’s unrelenting love. They say people do foolish things when they are love. Exactly, foolishness is how they described my actions. For I look like a man who has lost his mind, a man at the peak of intoxication. I can’t help it and I can’t control this spring of love gushing out of me. It’s as if something else has taken over my body, I’m possess! Possess with His love.
The way I see people has changed, I now see everybody as an object of love. I just want to love them the way He loves. I can’t stay, I must pour out this love on someone, anybody, no everybody, for there is enough love in me for everyone. Even those who are trying their best to make me hate them, I can’t help this love gushing out of me towards them. I’m walking at the street and everybody I see I just want to tell them my Father is out-of-His-head in love with them. I would shout it at the roof top, “Oh, come! Come and taste of this love.”
I just want to take everybody I meet and show them how much God loves them. I would show them God’s love till their heart melt and their soul cries out for the Father of love. Oh! What an untameable love, it gushes out of me so freely. And it gives me joy just letting it pour our to all those my Father love so dearly. When you taste of the Father’s love you can’t stay but to pour it out to others.

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