The Lordship Of Grace

“so that as sin reigned in death, even so grace might reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Rom 5:21).
The reign of Grace, the era of sweet abundant grace. Our fathers had waited and hungered for this day. Here it is, finally! Grace has come to rule. Oh, how the weak run down to his land, all there life they have been in unbearable weakness and now a relieve has come. Yes, Grace freely promised strength; a great strength born out of weakness. And now the weak can be at advantage, no more will they be called the unfit, the despise. Now they posses strength even greater than those who were considered mighty.
Look at th strong, those with many abilities, knowledge and skills, those who are wealthy and influential they are puffed up with pride. They refuse to submit to Grace, they refuse to acknowledge there weaknesses, they felt they don’t need grace, they have found sufficiency in themselves. How foolish are they to think they don’t need grace, to rely on their inferior strength, their strength would surely fail them. Grace is in rage, he had been angered by the pride of the foolish, and he must humble that pride. He gathered for himself the weakest of the weakest and with them he would overpower and humiliate the proud. Yes, the weakest would be used to defeat the strongest and that is the way of grace.
But for those who are wise enough to submit to the Lordship of Grace; who have accepted that indeed they are weak. Grace takes them into the land of abundant grace, a land flowing with the riches of grace. Grace brings them to come explore the caves of hidden treasures. There you would find grace in various types, various shapes, colours and appearance – yes grace lies there in beauty and wonder. How wonderful is it to be given access into the land of grace, a land filled with the treasures and riches of grace. You cannot miss this treasures, they are all over the land, anywhere you go you come across grace in it beautiful varieties. Grace (Christ is grace), the Lord of the land is so generous, he adorn his people with all of his riches, he gives them far more than they deserve.
The wages of Grace is great, far rewarding than any other and all you have to do is to accept your weakness and submit. Become a servant, a slave to Grace, let him posses you, let him rid on you like his donkey. What greater honour is there than to be a carrier of this mighty grace and what greater position or status exist than to be a slave of this generous Grace. Oh, the romance that comes with serving Grace, the more you submit yourself to Grace the more he pours out his riches on you, It is beautiful and it is the sweetest of romance. Don’t you desire this servitude, don’t you desire to fall now at his feet and allow Grace posses you, let him be Lord over you. Oh! let him rule you.
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