The Seed Of The Church

There was a time I was there waiting at the feet of the Lord with a desire to know how to do church. I sat there over a span of a few years, pressing in to learn of him. Then he showed a seed and how in that seed is encoded all the information about the tree. That seed is Christ and God has put this Christ inside of us.

If it is an Orange tree, in the seed lies all the information about how an orange tree should be. And to produce an Orange tree you cannot begin to look at the pattern of an orange tree and try to copy and reconstruct it. Such would only produce an artificial Orange tree, a man-made tree, with no life.

To produce an authentic orange tree all you have to do is to take the seed, plant it, cultivate it, nurture it, and wait patient with complete faith in the Lord and in the life of an orange tree in the seed. And at the end you will have an orange tree germinating. Not an artificial one, but the one that has life, the one that can produce fruit.

However, the knowledge of the pattern is not useless, but we understand the place of such knowledge. The knowledge of the pattern is not meant to be use for the construction of the tree, rather the knowledge is used for the recognition of the tree. If you know how an orange is supposed to look like and then you see a tree you would be able to recognize if that tree is an orange tree or not.

You see a people who claim to be a church but do not have any of the pattern of the Church, because you have the knowledge of the pattern of the Church, you would be able to know that these people are in deception. This is the place of knowledge and we must not try to displace the position of the life and replace it with knowledge. This is the error that the Church over history continue to fall into and we must prevent this error in our time.

A local church is born out of the Life. All of the patterns about the church is in the life, just let the life grow and you will birth a church according to God’s eternal thought. By Life, I am not talking about some kind of abstract concept. The heavenly Father is the source of the Life and to grow in the life involves growing in intimacy with the Father. He is the source of the Life and the more you get intimate with Him the more life you get.

Yes, intimacy with the Father is the way to grow in the Life. Where you have a group of people, organize for the pursuit of this life, you will have the church according to God’s eternal thought. The mistake we keep making is that we organize people to pursue knowledge, mere knowledge cannot birth the church. Some organize a group of people to follow a pattern, that too cannot birth the church. Our fathers have organized people to carry out a rite, ritual, ceremony, a list of activities they call worship etc. Non of these can birth the church.

The Church according to God’s eternal thought can only be birth by a people obsessed with the pursuit of Life.

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