The Spirituality Of The Christian Doctrine

The problem in defining the Christian doctrine sprang up from the fact that we have been looking at it from the carnal point of view. We have first establish that true Christianity is totally spiritual, therefore the Christian doctrine is spiritual not carnal. We have also taken time to explain that carnality is any physical or natural thing that is not a response or reaction to spiritual perception. Carnality is anything that is base on human mentality or reasoning and the use of the natural senses. The spiritual on the other hand is the constituent of Christ that can not be perceive with the natural senses. Spiritual things are the unseen attributes of God. God is a spirit and the Father of spirit, His unseen attributes (attributes that cannot be perceive with the natural senses) is the meaning of the spiritual.
When we say the Christian doctrine is spiritual, it means the Christian doctrine are the teachings and practices about the unseen attributes of God. As Christians we are teaching and practicing something that is unseen. The Christian doctrine is a spiritual reaction to that which we have perceive with our spiritual senses, it is a reaction to the sighting of Christ. This is why whenever Paul or John wants to deal with the issue of the Christian doctrine they start talking about Christ, trying to reveal who Christ is, the spiritual constituent of Christ. This is because the Christian doctrine is the spiritual reaction to the sighting of Christ.
The Christian doctrine is not a list of don’t and dos. You cannot teach the Christian doctrine by presenting a list of don’t and dos. Paul or any of the apostles never try to teach the Christian doctrine by presenting a list of don’t and dos. Instead they presented Christ and sometimes they try to prove that certain physical behavior or action is not a reaction to the sighting of Christ. When the apostles address certain behaviors they are not trying to give a list of don’t and dos but they are try to show that some certain behavior or action are a reaction to the sighting of Christ while some are not. If we engage in certain behavior just because the apostle approve of it then we’ve missed it. The behavior must be a reaction to the sighting of Christ. For example, the apostles talked about showing love to people, if we start showing love to people only because the apostles approved of this behavior then we’ve mixed it and we are not practicing the true Christian doctrine. But if we show love because we have seen in the spirit that God is love and this love lives in us with the desire to flow through us.
If our spiritual senses have been open to see that and we react to it by pouring out this love toward others then we are truly practicing the Christian doctrine. It is all about seeing into the spirit and responding to what we have seen. The Christian doctrine is the sighting of Christ by the spirit and the spiritual response to this spiritual perception. The spiritual response is the practice  of believing in what you have seen in the spirit, relying and trusting on it and fixing your spiritual eyes on it. That is all done in the heart, it is totally spiritual. But like I said before the spiritual gives birth to certain physical behaviors or actions. For example, if you have truly perceive in your spirit that God is love and He lives in you with the desire to express Himself through you and you believe, rely and trust in what you have perceive in your spirit then you will find yourself acting in certain ways and showing love to people.
Displaying an act of love is a physical thing, it is a physical response to the sighting of the God who is love and this act is life because it is a product of the revelation of the Father of Life. So Yes, spiritual things have physical response but too much emphasis should not be place on the physical response, for this would bring great confusion. Isolating the physical response from the spiritual (the sighting) is carnality, these is why more emphasis should be place on the spiritual. For true Christianity is spiritual and it is simple. The Christian doctrine is simply the belief that we are called to see Christ, look onto him, believe him, rely and trust in him. That’s all, nothing more and nothing least. Any attempt to bring it down to physical practice is the road to carnality and death . So I would end this with Paul’s words, “But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.” (2Cor 11:2).
I still feel like I haven’t explained this enough. Comment should be made as to where is unclear and if there is need for further explanation.

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