The Supremacy Of Christ In The Christian Doctrine

Who or what call the shot when it comes to doctrinal issues in Christianity? Over decades the answer of that question has change. The first time the problem of doctrine arose it was the council of the church in Jerusalem and the apostle that dealt with the issues. And after the death of the apostles Christians decided that since this is the method of the apostles then this is the best method in dealing with doctrinal issues. So after the death of the apostles other councils where held and creed were made in dealing with doctrinal issues. To simply put it, council became the umpire of the Christian doctrine, for it was in these councils that decisions were made concerning the Christian doctrine.
Over years things change and the Pope was in charge. The papacy was supreme in doctrinal issues. But universal Christianity break and there arose the clamour for ‘Sola Scriptura’. The Bible became supreme concerning the Christian doctrine. Yet Christians keep falling into a lot of errors, even those who try their best to keep solemnly to the Bible. The problem isn’t that we haven’t put our best in strictly following the Bible but the problem arises because we have separated the Bible from the Lord and we have made the Bible lord of the Christian doctrine. But there is only one Lord and he alone is supreme concerning everything including the Christian doctrine. To answer the question presented above, it is not the the apostles, the council, the papacy or the Bible that call the shot concerning doctrinal issues but it is Christ the Lord.
Christ alone is supreme when it comes to the matter of doctrine. He alone calls the shot. The problem is that Christians are too carnal they need something physical and objective that they could consult whenever a doctrinal argument arises. But we are spiritual people and we cannot continue to live like carnal people. And we made Jesus our Lord not the Bible or papacy, it is the Lord who would decide and umpire the Christian doctrine. The reason we have so much doctrinal problem and confusion is because we haven’t made the Lord rule in our doctrinal issues. We must summit to the Lord and made him rule in every doctrinal issues. Christ must be placed supreme over every other thing we’ve chosen to umpire in doctrinal issues.

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