What Is Christianity; A Free Course

What Is Christianity; A Free Course


In this course, we answer the question, “What Is Christianity”, by stripping down all of man’s tradition, going back to the basics, and then building everything back up again based on the knowledge of God’s eternal purpose.

Christianity is something that has come down to us through different cultures and different epochs in time. One thing about time is that change is constant. With its interactions with these cultures, there are bound to be changes introduced into what we practice today as Christianity. It is, therefore, necessary to strip off all the add-ons, to rediscover what Christianity is at the core.

This course is the first of a series in which man’s tradition will be stripped off so that we might grasp God’s original design and purpose for mankind when He gave us this thing we now call Christianity. Most of what we do in our church sermons is interpreted as Christianity based on our present culture. We interpret ancient writings based on what we see in the modern world. Every communication and interaction happens in a socio-cultural context.

Therefore you cannot use a different culture to interpret something that happens in the context of another culture. That would only lead to all kinds of inaccurate conclusions. And indeed, we have been preaching many inaccuracies. In this course, we would look at Christianity from the historical and cultural context of those who initiated it. You will be shocked by what you will find out. This course will greatly enlighten you and transform your walk with God. It will also introduce you to a communal kind of Christianity where you will see the ecclesia of God according to His eternal purpose.

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