When Christ Is Crown Lord In Our Heart

The truth is that Christ had not been crowned Lord in the heart of many of us who are Christians. Yes we accepted Jesus as our Lord but the Lordship of Christ has not be brought to an experiential reality in our lives as Christians. Jesus as our Lord has not taken hold of us, in fact we have denied him of his right as Lord over our lives. We’ve forgotten that Christ live in us and he wants to rule over us and through us. Christ wants to exercise his Lordship over our lives, he wants to live in our stead. Let our Lord live through us, let him live instead of us, for he is Lord. The slave live the life of his Lord, he doesn’t live for himself neither does he has a life of his own, for the life he live is for the lord. This is why we need to die, let go of our lives and start living the life of Christ. Yes, we need to come to a point where it is no longer us who live but Christ our Lord, and that is when Jesus is truly enthroned in our heart. 
When Jesus have been fully enthroned in our heart it would no longer be us living but Christ living through us. Jesus would be walking among men again just as he did before he ascended. And men would experience Jesus and know what it feels like to have Jesus living in there midst. Yes, Jesus would be found going around and doing good through every Christian. He would able to stretch his hands to heal the sick and raise the dead, not just through the pastors alone but through every Christian. The world would have Jesus all over, his reach would be beyond limit, for he shall not be limited to a group of Christians but he shall take hold of every Christian. The world shall be filled with Christ and he shall touch the lives of many.
When Jesus is fully enthroned in our heart our church meetings would be alive. There would be great harmony and order because it won’t be many people worshipping together but it would be one person (Christ) worshipping the Father through every member gathered there. It would have no need of human effort in organizing and trying to ensure order, for Christ himself would be the order and harmony of the meeting. It would seem like the meeting itself has a mind of It’s own, It’s an organism, it alive.  For it is not subjected under the hands of men neither is it a list of activities scheduled, schemed and design by man. The meeting is free (not restrained by the chains of man-made order), it has a mind of it own and it does whatever it likes. It is the Spirit in complete control because the meeting is subjected to Christ himself, not Christ through a few believers but Christ through every believer gathered. Christ have been set free among his people, he can freely express himself through any one of them gathered. As a result the meeting is Christ himself, yes the meeting is one person and that is why there is so much harmony, order and life (for this person is the Life).
And when they sing it is done in the harmony of the Spirit. It started spontaneously, a person, led by the Spirit start singing (not a chorister) and others join and as they continue and flow in the Spirit another song is raise by the Spirit through another believer, then later another believer and so it continues. The worship becomes so powerful, it’s like a river flowing out of them and mighty waters being poured our upon them. They find themselves being crush under the sight of the greatness of our Lord. Its a beautiful worship not because of the instruments or the voice of those that is singing but it is the presence and the power of God. It is almost like you could just reach out and touch the Father’s heart. And when they pray It’s like the burden of God is dropped on them and His fire burn within them. It is no longer a group of believers praying but it is Christ travailing through his people. Oh the wiping, the violence, the authority in their voice as they pray such selfless prayer points. They are not following a list of prayer point neither do they pray for just anything they desire. But it is the Spirit putting prayer points in their months as they trust in him.
When they speak Christ speaks through every member. It is not a sermon, for every word spoken is a prophecy. There is mutual edification as every member contribute in edifying the whole church. Christ is unveiled in the meeting and lives are touch. Yes, every part of the meeting is wholly and completely Christ. There no flesh or human effort; no list of activities, no choir, no human head, no human control and nothing of man is found there. But yet everything is done in harmony. It is foolishness that makes us think that the God who created this world and the order in it is incapable of ensuring order in His church. Did God employed men when He was creating order in the universe? Why then do we think He cannot ensure order in His church without human heads and authorities?
When Christ is fully enthroned as Lord in the heart of every Christian then Christianity would not be as dead as it is today. We would make such great impact in this world, we would become a force to reckon with. The world would see God Himself among man. The Church would have the greatest influence on earth. This is not a dream or a theory, it is a reality that await the full and complete enthronement of Jesus as Lord in the heart of every Christian. This is the desire of the Father and He would not rest until it is fulfilled.

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